Friday, July 8, 2011

Citrusy Inspiration from Ivelisse of Pretty Little Mustache

Happy Friday! I've got a pretty post for you today from Ivelisse of Pretty Little Mustache. Not only does she have a beautiful name, but she's gorgeous herself and so inspiring! So before your weekend kicks in, savor a little citrusy inspiration! 

Hello, Aisle to Aloha readers!! I'm Ivelisse and I blog over at pretty little mustache. I'm married to an awesome businessman, Edwin, and together we have an adorable little lady, Julianna. I love all things vintage, crafty and unique. I was thrilled when Lindsay asked me to blogsit while she takes a sweet break with her husband who just got home from deployment. I can't imagine how happy they must be to reunite! Today, i want to share some of what's inspiring me lately. 

I recently thrifted some neat fabrics, and i am completely smitten with them. in looking at them, they make me feel so happy. come to realize, they all have the same color pattern - orange, yellow and green. I never knew how much I loved these colors together, until I got them. They're so bright, lively and summery! Now every time I look at them, I daydream about all of the things I can make with them. and hello, of course I love them....they're totally 60's, which is my favorite era (along with the 50's). 

There are so many different things that incorporate all of these colors together...

sources: onetwothreefourfivesix

{1} Like this amazing vintage sofa nestled within this simple living room. It adds such a pop of color. swoon!

{2} and this model - the way she flaunts the awesome bold orange and yellow outfit, and along with the greenery of nature, makes it look so easy to pull off. 

{3} or how about just enjoying a fresh orange, lemon or lime? I don't know about you, but those look delicious right about now for this hot hot summer! Not to mention, my favorite summer treat this year is frozen lemonades in mason jars. I could make them every day. mmm, so good!

{4} This insanely adorable outdoor party, with the colors integrated so flawlessly. I wish I was a guest on that list! 

{5} and This beautiful 1960's beaded necklace, with a gorgeous yellow brooch. 

{6} For my favorite, an amazing vintage dresser, restored to this delicate yellow - used as a cake table at this party, and garnished with orange, yellow, and green accents, to make the party look perfect. 

Well, lovelies, I hope the happy colors inspired you, too! Come by and say hello! I'd love to meet all of you :)

Thanks Lindsay for having me! Hope you and your hubby are enjoying this break together!! xoxo


  1. Those colors in the photo are just amazing!! Summer in hawaii must be so beautiful!

  2. I think I've found another blog to obsess over. Thanks, Lindsay!

  3. I love the vintage floral fabrics. I'm trying to choose some with purples, blues and greens to make a quilt for our bedroom.
    Thanks for sharing!


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