Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 Ways to Stay Inspired from Erin of Elegant Girl Art

My next guest poster this week is Erin from Elegant Girl Art. She's gorgeous, sweet, and creates awesome jewelry out of thrifted spoons! Today she has some simple tips for staying inspired. She is one of the most inspiring people I know, so listen up, guys!

Aloha new friends! I'm Erin and I'm just a tad bit obsessive about glitter and taking over the world with my upcycled spoon necklaces. I blog over at Elegant Girl Art about my journey as a crafty biz owner.

This is me!

Today I am here to share with you my must-haves to be inspired and stay inspired in my your crafty biz.

1. ALWAYS carry a journal. You don't exactly have to make daily entries, rather hourly ramblings. My journal is full of tag ideas, necklace designs, description edits etc.

I keep them all in this clever little bright yellow suede journal my hubby got for me. Its small enough to fit in my purse, yet...

Big enough to cover all my wide variety of ideas and scribbles. And yes, I do scribble.

2. Next, I recommend that you keep an inspiration folder on your desktop like so.

I take screenshots of anything that inspires me. Other artwork, clothes, ads, whatever. I take a screenshot, shove it in the folder and come back to it when I am feeling the urge.

3. Last but not least, read your friends' blogs! Their passion, victories, and products are always inspiring. When you aren't feeling creatively juicy, what a better place to start than your friends daily posts!

What are your favorite ways to get inspired and stay inspired? Share them with me in the comments below!


  1. I definitely need to start carrying a journal - I'm always finding inspiration in the most random places. Good tips Erin, thanks!

  2. These are all such great tips, Erin. I definitely see how each one would definitely work. Thinking about purchasing that lovely leather journal I recently fondled over at Barnes and Noble.
    Wondering over to your blog.

  3. Love ElegantGirl! For my inspiration folder, I keep a board on Pinterest and whenever I see something on line that inspires me I just pin it to that board.

  4. Yes Katrina! You must, you will laugh at your randomness but it def comes in handy!

    Meghann- So glad you found them helpful:) Do it:) And say hello once your on my blog, I would love to see you there:)

    Cursivearts- such a good idea, I need to get better at that:)

  5. Okay this post is all kinds of awesome!

  6. Wonderful post! I too have many journals although I think a tape recorder would be better. A voice activated one would be the best as I always seem to think of ideas when I'm driving. Not the best time to jot down a note, haha!

  7. Thanks Krysten, glad you liked it!

    Lindy, here is where my i-phone comes in handy! There is a voice recorder on it, because I too have had many a thoughts while driving...darn should have added that to the post lol:)!!

  8. Love the inspiration tips, Erin! I've kind gone in the opposite direction workwise. I've gone from a part time job to working full time for the 6 week summer period. I'm finding it pretty difficult to balance business and day job right now, so inspiration is needed in bucket loads! I love your tips, especially the inspiration folder. I quite often save inspiring images to a folder and then use Picasa to create a collage of the images for my desktop!


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