Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday:: A Date with Dahlia

 On Monday, I got to spend the whole day with my buddy, Dahlia. She is leaving the island on Thursday and I had to snag her for one last hurrah. We spent the day shopping, getting our hairs cut, discussing life and driving around the island. We ate at my very favorite restaurant on Oahu (Crepes No Ka Oi... a party in your mouth.) and also stopped at a pretty awesome spot called the Spitting Cave.

The ocean has been pounding away at this cliff for many years and a cave has formed at the water's edge. When the waves crash into, they get sucked in and spat back out in a huge mist, often forming beautiful rainbows.

We took advantage of the beautiful locale and shot some outfit pictures for What I Wore Wednesday.

I didn't edit these first pictures at all-- the water really is that blue. Also, it was really windy so don't mind our crazy hair.

We saw some huge turtles bobbing around down there too. Love those guys. 

Dahlia is not only one of the most kind, hilarious and Godly women I know, but she's also one of the most stylish. She is always showing up at my house with adorable clothes and accessories that I threaten to steal. 

earrings:: {a gift from her sis from Cuba}
scarf:: {target-- same one I have!}
tank:: {target}
pants:: {gap}
sandals:: {payless}

Isn't she adorable? I'm pretty much in love with her and I am so sad that she is going back to Texas with her husband. Well, I'm happy for them but sad for me. 

necklace:: {oh sweet joy}
white tank:: {forever21}
floral tank:: {town and country surf shop}
navy blue skirt:: {charlotte russe}
sandals:: {american eagle}

Oh, what sweet blessings sister-friends are. 


  1. what a beautiful view!! wish I was there!!! like now lol

    u guys look so lovely!


  2. I feel happier just reading this, you two are adorable and I'm glad you got to spend such a nice day together! The water is SO BLUE. My goodness I miss the ocean.

  3. stop with the cuteness already!! ;)

  4. Wow, gorgeous scenery!! You 2 are so cute together! It's so hard when friends have to say goodbye. :(

  5. I love both of your outfits! (Esp. the white gap pants and your floral tank). Gorgeous backdrop too... glad you got to spend special time with your friend before she left.

  6. Great pictures! You both look so cute. Where on the island is this? Is it near Sandy Beach? It's so beautiful

  7. These pictures are so pretty! It sounds like the perfect day!

  8. Just hopped over from the pleated poppy, I love your photography! You have such a cute blog and I am dying over your outfit and your friends outfit. Your floral tank is so cute!! I am glad you got to have a last hurrah.

  9. Wow, you are so lucky that that view is your backyard! It's breathtaking! Glad you got so send time with your friend :)

  10. You two are way too cute and those pics are awesome!

  11. Very cute post.
    How's the painting for your living room coming along? I can't wait to see the outcome. I really love it so far and am thinking about getting one for above our couch too!

  12. Cute outfits & breath taking view. Those pictures make me wish I was in Hawaii! It has been 5 years since my last visit!

  13. You are so blessed with beautiful scenery! Next time you come to MD I'm going to jump in your bag so you can take me back to Hawaii with you!

  14. Beautiful! It kind of looks like China Walls too :) I love what you're wearing!

  15. Just came across your blog! Love it! My husband and I were in Hawaii at the end of January and fell in love with it... so jealous!

    p.s. Its always nice to come across a blogger who loves Jesus!


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