Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspire Me Monday: Coral & Navy

I am head over heels for this color combination. It's unexpected and invigorating and I find myself drawn to it more and more these days.


This wedding from High Street Market gloriously refreshing. You have to go see the rest of the beautiful table settings. I love the pop of sparkle that these World Market glasses lend to the setting.

This navy and coral outfit from Kendi Everyday would make me feel like frolicking all day, I think. I spent an exorbitantly long time on Kendi's blog last night and her closet organization post had me in my closet at midnight, making piles of clothing and rummaging through old purses. I realized that I have way too many clothes that need to be given or thrown away and I found one of my favorite lipsticks! So it was an all around good night.

Um, is it just me or do you wanna live in this room too? I'm pretty much infatuated with everything in it-- from the rug, the armchair, that gooorgeous painting and the deep, rich hue of those walls.

Love the sweet pop of color these fabric flower pins from Postcard Vintage on Etsy.


I could barely get through typing those last few paragraphs.

 I just talked to my brother and my sweet sister-in-love is in the middle of contractions as I type. I'm so excited to hear if we have a new niece or nephew in the next few hours! This will be mine and Chris' 11th time being auntie and uncle. Seriously, "Aunt Lindsay" is one of my very favorite roles in life. I miss my kiddos-- they are definitely the number one reason it's so hard to be away from our families during this season of our lives.

So, navy and coral? Closet organization? Babies?

Whatcha thinking about today?

PS. I added a few new paintings to the shop yesterday, including a whimsical beach cruiser and a brand new 'Olelo painting. Ch-ch-check 'em out. 

** I'm opening up one [1] spot in my custom queue today! Shoot me an email at aisletoaloha [at] if you'd like a piece of artwork painted just for you and your home! 


  1. LOVE navy and coral!! it reminds me of becki from whippycakes navy top and those hot coral pumps she wore at CE!!

  2. hey lindsay, so loveeelyyy!

    i have just seen turquoise & peach over at another blog, very pretty as well, I hope this inspires your new paintings!

  3. *Swoon* I love all of these beauties!! xo

  4. coral is seriously becoming my new favorite color

  5. Love the navy & coral. LOVE LOVE!! Coral is not a color I've been crazy about, until seeing all of your coral posts in the past few months. Pretty sure you've made me love it. :)
    And, I LOVE the new cruiser painting. It's fantastic!

  6. Navy and coral is such an unexpected combination but a GORGEOUS one at that!

  7. Thanks for posting this! I've been trying to figure out a way to give some life to our patio/deck. I just bought a Navy blue patio umbrella. Now just to pick out some coral accents, maybe pillows for the chairs? :) Thanks a bunch for the inspiration Lindsay!

  8. I have that shirt in top right picture from Anthro and I LOVE IT!! So light and comfy! Happy Monday!

  9. I was just in a wedding with the navy/coral combo :) loooved the combination! Hope you're having a great Monday!

  10. great post!! you put together soem great images! (perhaps you should work for a magazine!!)

  11. I love those coral pants. I can't pull them off in a shirt, but the pants, I think I would love.

    I was just telling myself over the past 2 days, that it was time I reorganized my closet. I'm the type that likes everything facing the same way, with matching hangers and categorize by style. (sleeveless, sleeves, 3 get the point) :)

  12. LOVE it! our wedding colors were actually very similar -- navy and pink. i like the coral even more though. congrats on soon having another niece/nephew. i just became an aunt within the last year & it is so fun!

  13. Wow your blog is beautiful and love your paintings!

    I am totally in love with those cups :D The colors are gorgeous!

  14. yes to everything on that list, friend!! & yes to fresh baked babies!! :D

  15. I have a coral skirt and navy top that I always wear together and it is one of my favorites! I always wish I had more of those colors to put together, because it is just so cute!


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