Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aloha From a Sponsor: Three Leaves Toys

Meet Levi and Alissa! They are the creative couple behind the handmade business, Three Leaves Toys. They fashion eco-friendly, adorable children's teething toys out of poplar wood. I'll let you see for yourself how cute their toys are and get to know Levi and Alissa a bit better.

What are three random facts about you guys that Aisle to Aloha readers should know?

  1. Our Border Collie is named Mercedes. (No, not like the car, like the character in The Count of Monte Cristo!) 
 2.  We eloped (as in, told our parents afterward) less than a year after we met. 
 3.  We live in an old brick bungalow in downtown Denver that we are slooooowly remodeling.

You work as a husband and wife team. What are some quirks that you have learned as you work with each other?

Working together has been surprisingly smooth so far.  Opposites definitely attracted with us, we are each skilled in very different areas and go about our work in very different ways.  A quirk I learned about Levi is that he likes to listen to ridiculous hip hop and 80's rock and roll turned up reaaallly loud when he works.  He says a quirk he learned about me is that I CAN NOT be productive in a messy house.  Which is sometimes annoying when I need to work on something and we have to clean the house first. (;

What's your favorite part of running a handmade biz?

 Definitely the community that we have stumbled upon and been supported by!  It is so cool to get to know some local and not-so-local handmade biz owners and supporters through our blog and twitter and Etsy!

What are your favorite colors and what do you think they say about your personalities?

  Levi's favorite color is black.  He doesn't really wear a lot of black, but if we are playing a game he is always the black piece.  I think it is because he is a pretty relaxed kind of guy.  He doesn't need a lot to be happy, and likes thing to be simple and drama-free. 

 My favorite color is gray (man we are boring! haha!) I think most because it goes with almost anything.  We have a gray bedroom so that I can have any kind of crazy print or color bedspread I want.  I have a lot of gray clothes because they allow me to wear bright and funky accessories or shoes. That kind of thing.  I think this probably has something to say about my slightly neurotic nature and affinity for saying "I know this sounds like a crazy idea, but..." (:

I love the simplicity of their products and the story behind their family and business. Find out more about Three Leaves Toys and Levi and Alissa through their shopblog and twitter


  1. Love the penguin and love her blog. Good idea about the grey- I gotta add more to my wardrobe.

  2. i had heard of this business, but thanks for the interview friend!! they seem like such a sweet couple!


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