Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zip Lines, Monkey Business & Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

One of my favorite days of our trip to Thailand was the day we went on a ziplining adventure high above the Thai rain forest. I'd never done anything like that before and I was surprised to find myself telling Chris that we had to do it.

So at 8am on Sunday morning, we donned our Flight of the Gibbon bandannas, harnesses and carabiners and hiked into the rainforest to fly 150 feet above the ground.

See that spiral stair case behind me? I'm not really afraid of heights but I detest stairs. Weird, I know. (This stems from an unfortunate accident in first grade involving a tumble down a flight of stairs, 7 stitches and a life long issue with a knocked-out dead tooth.)

So, as soon as I saw those, I said to Chris, "What the heck did I sign up for??!" 

But boy, it was amazing flying through the air over top the bright green foliage.

Chris, naturally, looks like he does this every day. 

I'm convinced there's no adventure this guy can't conquer. 

Seriously, if you've never been ziplining, you've gotta try it. So. fun. 

After ziplining, we broke for lunch and then headed to the zoo. This place was crazy-- monkeys running around everywhere, people throwing bananas and corn cobs to the animals. I've never been to a zoo quite like this in the States. 

Sweet Shot Day

We saw so many animals that we'd never seen before. One thing was apparent-- our Creator is incredibly  imaginative. Such strange creatures walk on this earth and I can just imagine how delighted he was each time he molded their features. 

We loved the zoo so much that we went back again on another day to play with the animals. 

My favorite animals were the gibbons. This guy entertained us for a long time, swinging back and forth on his jungle gym, showing off his acrobatic skillz. 

It's decided. I love adventures with Chris. 


  1. I bet you're glad you purchased that new camera :) The pictures are lovely, but I'm mostly enjoying seeing your two smiling faces TOGETHER!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW! Your pictures are amazing! I love the hippo one with his mouth wide open! Looks like an adventure to remember!

  3. No wonder this looks familiar... we haven't done it ourselves, though we've been tempted many a times ;-)

  4. awww sooo fun! i love going to the zoo! i remember when i went to thailand there was three animals that lived together, a tiger, dog and pig and they were called a happy family! :)

  5. wow, pretty darn cool zoo, not sure I'd zipline, I'm really scared of heights. But maybe

  6. wow! I've never been ziplining...never really had the desire, but I think you might have just inspired me!
    Cannot even imagine a zoo where you can feed the animals and have them sit on you! Too cool!

  7. whoa! zip-lining is so fun but i've never done it over a jungle like this!!!

    and yay - so glad you guys shared an adventure together!!!

  8. awesome pictures and adventure! that zipline does look awesome even though the stairs look a little scary - and I don't have any childhood trauma to blame it on!

  9. One thing I can't do are monkeys. I'm not sure I could handle them all around me but the zip lining I would have loved to do. And the hippo picture is awesome!

  10. ooh, I love that zoo! Such cool photo opportunities. The one of the monkey and babby and that of the hippo are perfect! Congrats on conquering the fear of stairs.

  11. FUN! I've always wanted to go zip lining!

  12. Wow! Looks like you had an awesome time! How blessed!

  13. you two are cute.

    also-- monkey w/ his mouth full of food? great photo! love love love it!

  14. Now these are some AMAZING shots.

    My son taught English there and loved it too.

  15. How fun! These pictures show what a great time you had!!

  16. that looks so fun, wish i could try. :-)

  17. I'm finally reading all your Thailand posts! Love all the colorful pictures.
    "Adventures with Chris" sounds like it could be a blog itself!

  18. this all looks like too much fun... and you two are too cute!
    i love your blog darling, now following!


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