Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thailand Tastes Ohhhh So Good!

You might as well get a napkin right now, because you are going to be drooling by the end of this blog post. Today I'm blogging about our cooking classes that we took in Thailand and all the amazing food we ate while there. 

First of all, I'd like you to meet Sheri. She is the talented chef behind the Happy Home Thai Cooking School, where Chris and I celebrated his birthday by learning to cook amazing, flavorful Thai meals. We love Sheri. 

Say hello to our ingredients. So many fresh and exotic ingredients including kaffir limes, marble eggplants, young peppercorn, tiny dried shrimp, turnip, and of course cilantro, garlic, shallots, and lots of chili peppers. Yowza!

We made four dishes-- panang curry, tom yom kung (hot and sour soup), pad thai and spicy papaya salad. Each one was bold in flavor and surprisingly simple to make. 

For each dish, Sheri would have the ingredients ready on a plate, would explain each one and walk us through the steps. Chris and I made every dish ourselves, at our own cooking station. After each dish, we sat down at our table to chow down. We were stuffed by the time we came to the last one! 

 Our favorite by far was the panang curry.

I seriously want to make a point to take more cooking classes in the places we visit from now on. I loved 'meeting' new ingredients and while cooking alone is not my favorite thing, cooking along side Chris is. 

Here's a compilation of the rest of the delicious foods we consumed last week. From a 5 star buffet at the Hilton (where Chris ate until he literally was in pain... boys...), raspberry and mango sherbet with dried mangos and kiwis, naan and Indian butter chicken, lobster tempura, and much more. 

Are you hungry yet?? I might just share one of our recipes with you next week. ;)

PS. I added a few new paintings to the shop yesterday. One has to do with today's post -- check them out! 


  1. That food looks really good. Gerrit sometimes eats until he's in pain too. I don't understand it myself. haha

    I love the idea of taking cooking classes where ever you go. How did you find this cooking class? I never would have thought of that.

  2. Looks fabulous!!

    I LOVE Thai food and it's one of my favorite things to cook and eat...and most dishes are surprisingly simple, just finding the ingredients here in the States can be challenging at times.

    How fun!!

  3. The blissful look on your face after taking that bite says it all! Thai food has a special place in my heart -- my first date with the guy I would eventually marry was dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by a high school dance.

  4. Oh my! This food looks so so good!!

  5. What a fun idea, I'll need to take a cooking class next time I'm on vacation!

  6. Oh you were NOT kidding about the drooling! What a great idea about cooking classes in the different areas you visit!

  7. Oh man, I was just thinking I was hungry BEFORE I opened this post. Now I'm in serious trouble!

    Yes, please, please, please share the recipe! ;)

  8. Wow...that all looks amazing! I hadnt ever thought about taking cooking classes when I travelled but that is a really great idea!

  9. these thai dishes look soooo good. esp that tartar.

  10. Since I wasn't at my computer for most of the day yesterday, I finally just got to read this post.

    I just ate breakfast & am already hungry again. Good thing I have my bowl from my oatmeal still next to me to catch all the drool. ;)

  11. I am seriously loving your red top. did you get that on vacation?

  12. YUM!!! everything looks so tasty, especially the pad thai! i would love to take a thai cooking class, how awesome!


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