Monday, May 9, 2011

Bloggy Meetup with My Little Buffalo!

It's not very often that I get to meet up with bloggers here on the island.  I found out that Lisa, from My Little Buffalo was coming to Oahu with her hubby, and we emailed back and forth about the best things to do here. And then I found out that they were planning on staying in Waikiki during their trip without a rental car and I knew I had to take them out of Waikiki and show them some of the island!

Plus, I wanted to meet Lisa and secretly hoping she'd let me interrupt her and Nate's babymoon. ;)

So, up to the North Shore we went!

We hit up one of my and Chris' favorite sandwich shops, Stortos.

 (Yes, they spelled my name wrong on my slip. Sad, but delicious sammy.)

Slurped down some colorful shave ice at Aoki's.

Talked about baby names. (Lisa's having a little girl!) 

My friend, Dahlia, joined us. Love. her. 

This is the only documentation I had that Lisa's husband, Nate, joined us. He was a good sport. 

And now for some sufficiently awkward photos. 

Cuz we're hilariously awkward and I screwed up the settings on my camera so all my photos are blown out. Woot. 

Love ya, girl. So glad you decided to name your baby girl after me! 

(Sike. Well, just about the second part.)


  1. How fun is that!? And I love the idea of a babymoon ;)

  2. oh man! what a wonderful time!

  3. Okay can u be any cuter? I'm coming to visit!

  4. That is too cute! How fun it must have been to meet up with her!

  5. Aw looks like you girls had a really good time!

  6. awwwww looks like you had a fun meetup!!

  7. This looked like such a fun day!! You two are so stinkin' cute!! xoxo

  8. Aoki's! I have a good friend who used to work there and a friend who still does. If you ever go there again and there's a short (5ft-ish)white girl (easiest way to describe her)w/a big surfer hat, that may say Heis<thanI, named Crystal, tell her hi for me.

    Looks like you had a great time showing them around.


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