Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures of the Wandering Whippy Cakes:: Poppy // Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha and Happy Wednesday! I'm stoked to introduce an exciting new blogging series featuring myself, Kim of Oh Sweet Joy, Ilene of Much Love Illy, Moriah of Josiah's Nest and Sandy of Sandy a la Mode!

Poppy Mini:: {Whippy Cake}
Top:: {Cinnamon Girl}
Shorts:: {I dunno)
Rings:: {Charlotte Russe}
Sandals:: {American Eagle}

Back in April, at Creative Estates, I met many inspiration women. Four of those women became my sisters over the weekend. We shared jelly beans during the sessions, snuggled together as we talked about blogging, handmade biz and life, and were dubbed "the headband crew", as we donned our various hair accessories each day. I love each of these sweet girls' heart, talents, passions and style!

We also met Becki, the owner behind Whippy Cake and she is just as gorgeous, sassy and sweet as her hair accessory creations. As we perused her booth, we each had a hard time deciding on just one! And so, the Adventures of the Wandering Whippy Cakes was born. 

Every so often, we'll be swapping our Whippy Cakes and showing you our own takes on how to style each one. Each Whippy Cake detaches from the headband so you can use them as fascinators, headbands, brooches on clothing and bags. The possibilities are endless. Today we each have our own picks! 

I chose the Poppy Mini-- a pretty, bright combo of a coral gingham, yellow and floral with sweet vintage buttons at the center of each poppy. Coral-- are you REALLY surprised?? I bought the ivory lace headband to go with it, but decided to just clip it in my hair this day. I'm wearing one of my very favorite tops from a little boutique here in Hawaii called Cinnamon Girl. I thought the backdrop of Waikiki would be the perfect place to show off my Whippy Cake. The white sand, swaying palm trees and um, speedo-clad tourists definitely say "You're in Hawaii!"

Make sure you hop over and check out the Whippy Cakes the other girls chose and how they are rocking their own Whippy Cake style! 

Moriah of Josiah's Nest

Tune in next time and see which Whippy Cake we each end up with!


  1. SUCH a cute idea! Can't wait to see how you all wear your whippy cakes!

  2. great idea, I've been checking everyone else's blog's too! Love it!

  3. yayyy for coral!! love how you modeled it at the beach, of course, i wouldn't expect anything else!! :) hope you are enjoying your time with chris!!

  4. You look beautiful! Love the clip!

    such a perfect backdrop too, can I just say I'm super jealous you live in Hawaii! I love it there :D

  5. Such a wonderful idea!! I love seeing how you all styled them! xo

  6. eeek - love these pictures, friend!!!! rock that whippy cake - you look super cute.

    thinking and praying for you right now - hope you are having the time of your life with Chris!

  7. oh, you and your coral! hope you are having the time of your life with the hubs right now!!!!!

  8. Such a cute idea!! I love it!

  9. What a cute idea. So fun to see what you each came up with.

    Btw, I'm a new follower. Love your blog. Can't wait to read more.

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  10. this is so much fun!!!! :) you look beauttttiful! have fun with your man!!! :)

  11. What a great idea!!! That is so cool how you guys just bonded like sisters so well. I love the colors you had. Hope your traveling went well and have fun with your hubby!


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