Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Mash-up.

 Here's a random assortment of odds and ends for your Monday.

- I could really go for a day of curling up in this bed and reading my eyes out. Are you reading any good books lately?

-I love this reminder. It's so imperative for us creative types to take time away from making our goods to sell and just create for art's sake. I spent a lot of time working on a new painting for our living room this weekend and I think it's so therapeutic to just work on something pretty for the sake of it being pretty and not thinking about putting it in the shop. (of course, I love painting for you guys, but I think you catch my drift).

- This necklace is gorgeous, right? I wish Anthro wasn't so stinkin' expensive. I'd love to wear this for Chris' home coming. It would go great with the new dress I bought. I don't want Chris to see my new dress so I'm not posting it on here, but I will tell you it's my current color obsession. *wink*

- I'm getting my hair cut today. It's been a few months since I've had a good chop and all the style has gone out of this mop. I've finally found an awesome hair stylist I love. She has an awesome tattoo of a comb on her forearm and she is pretty awesome at cutting hairs. So, I'm really excited about this cut. Though I'm sure Chris is not as ecstatic. Any of your husbands just looove the long hair? What's up with that?

- I also get to spend the whole day with my buddy, Dahlia, who you've met here and here. The sad thing about this island is that a lot of people here are transient so once you become best buds, start finishing each other's sentences and find the perfect songs to jam out together to, it's time for them to leave. Sad. I'm going to miss that little ray of sunshine.

- Most importantly, today, thank you to all the men and women of our Armed Forces past and present who have sacrificed everything to maintain the freedoms that we are so blessed to enjoy in this country.

Happy Memorial Day, my friends 

Friday, May 27, 2011

All Things Strange and Beautiful.

 If you are sick and tired of my Thailand posts, you are in luck! This is the last post of my Thailand recap week! Next week, we'll get back to the usual. I have a project or two to share with you, some current inspiration and other fun stuff.

One of the most fascinating parts of our trip was the afternoon we wandered through the markets. Markets are my favorite places to visit while abroad, as you get an inside glimpse into the everyday happenings in town, the women shopping for groceries and the strange oddities considered treats by the locals.

The market was filled with so many beautiful and sweet smelling things.

Oh wait, those were the gross and strange things we saw. I have a feeling that those turtles were not up for sale to potential pet owners. And I was this close to getting Chris to eat one of those beetles. I think he knew I wouldn't kiss him for the rest of the trip if he did. 

Theeeese are the beautiful, strange and sweet-smelling things we saw.

A few more highlights from the trip::

- Riding an elephant. Actually, this was a very strange experience. The elephants were kind of gross and hairy and the handlers whacked them on the head and beat them a lot so it was actually kind of sad. And we didn't get any pictures, so that was disappointing.

- Getting my butt whooped by Chris in rummy and downing a few Singha beers as we played cards one night by our hotel pool.

-Attending a Muay Thai fight at a sketchy boxing ring and losing 100 baht (about 3 bucks) to Chris because I picked the wrong guy to win every.time. Who would have thought the flabby white guy would kick the crap out of the buff Thai guy?? I certainly didn't.

- Meeting Cheyne and Meghan, the winners of The Amazing Race Season 15 on my flight from Bangkok to Tokyo. I've never been so star-struck and I was incredibly awkward saying 'hi' to them. "Uh, you guys were on The Amazing Race, weren't you?" Duh. And then I had daydreams of them asking me what I did and them buying artwork from me for their probably-amazing house. Hey, it could happen. 

And finally, because I think we are just too cute, let's start the weekend off with some silliness. 

Thanks for letting me share all about our sweet week together in Thailand! 

Got any fun plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thailand Tastes Ohhhh So Good!

You might as well get a napkin right now, because you are going to be drooling by the end of this blog post. Today I'm blogging about our cooking classes that we took in Thailand and all the amazing food we ate while there. 

First of all, I'd like you to meet Sheri. She is the talented chef behind the Happy Home Thai Cooking School, where Chris and I celebrated his birthday by learning to cook amazing, flavorful Thai meals. We love Sheri. 

Say hello to our ingredients. So many fresh and exotic ingredients including kaffir limes, marble eggplants, young peppercorn, tiny dried shrimp, turnip, and of course cilantro, garlic, shallots, and lots of chili peppers. Yowza!

We made four dishes-- panang curry, tom yom kung (hot and sour soup), pad thai and spicy papaya salad. Each one was bold in flavor and surprisingly simple to make. 

For each dish, Sheri would have the ingredients ready on a plate, would explain each one and walk us through the steps. Chris and I made every dish ourselves, at our own cooking station. After each dish, we sat down at our table to chow down. We were stuffed by the time we came to the last one! 

 Our favorite by far was the panang curry.

I seriously want to make a point to take more cooking classes in the places we visit from now on. I loved 'meeting' new ingredients and while cooking alone is not my favorite thing, cooking along side Chris is. 

Here's a compilation of the rest of the delicious foods we consumed last week. From a 5 star buffet at the Hilton (where Chris ate until he literally was in pain... boys...), raspberry and mango sherbet with dried mangos and kiwis, naan and Indian butter chicken, lobster tempura, and much more. 

Are you hungry yet?? I might just share one of our recipes with you next week. ;)

PS. I added a few new paintings to the shop yesterday. One has to do with today's post -- check them out! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIWW: What I Wore in Thailand!

 It's Wednesday, peeps! You know what that means-- What I Wore Wednesday--lots of outfits to share with you today! Obviously these aren't all of my outfits from my ten days in Thailand, but just some of my favorites. I kept my outfits pretty simple and comfortable, considering it was super hot,  humid and we were walking all over the city. 

head band:: {much love, illy}
top:: {Forever 21}
denim cut-offs:: {American Eagle}
slippers aka: flip-flops:: {Reef}
what we were doing:: {chilling at the top of the Hilton hotel, exploring the city}

earrings:: {Macy's}
plumeria:: {picked for me by my love}
dress:: {Forever 21}
sandals:: {Reef}
what we were doing:: cooking classes! Mmm... 

top:: {Charlotte Russe}
white mini-skirt:: {gift from SIL}
sandals:: {Reef}
rings:: {Charlotte Russe}
what we were doing:: dinner and a movie! 

earrings:: {Macy's}
dress:: {Global Village, Kailua, HI}
belt:: {TJ Maxx}
purple heels:: {Payless}
what we were doing:: celebrating our two year anniversary with Thai massages and dinner!

earrings:: {bought in Rome, Italy in college}
dress (there are pockets!!) :: {Forever 21}
belt:: {TJ Maxx}
sandals:: {American Eagle}
what we were doing:: Chris' promotion! 

Two things are apparent as I typed up this post:: I need to branch out from my obsession with Forever 21 and I desperately need a haircut! My hair is the longest it's been in a loong time. Time for a chop!

Oh, and special thanks to my awesome photographer for the week-- Chris. Didn't he get some great shots! Love that boy! 

happy hump day, guys! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zip Lines, Monkey Business & Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

One of my favorite days of our trip to Thailand was the day we went on a ziplining adventure high above the Thai rain forest. I'd never done anything like that before and I was surprised to find myself telling Chris that we had to do it.

So at 8am on Sunday morning, we donned our Flight of the Gibbon bandannas, harnesses and carabiners and hiked into the rainforest to fly 150 feet above the ground.

See that spiral stair case behind me? I'm not really afraid of heights but I detest stairs. Weird, I know. (This stems from an unfortunate accident in first grade involving a tumble down a flight of stairs, 7 stitches and a life long issue with a knocked-out dead tooth.)

So, as soon as I saw those, I said to Chris, "What the heck did I sign up for??!" 

But boy, it was amazing flying through the air over top the bright green foliage.

Chris, naturally, looks like he does this every day. 

I'm convinced there's no adventure this guy can't conquer. 

Seriously, if you've never been ziplining, you've gotta try it. So. fun. 

After ziplining, we broke for lunch and then headed to the zoo. This place was crazy-- monkeys running around everywhere, people throwing bananas and corn cobs to the animals. I've never been to a zoo quite like this in the States. 

Sweet Shot Day

We saw so many animals that we'd never seen before. One thing was apparent-- our Creator is incredibly  imaginative. Such strange creatures walk on this earth and I can just imagine how delighted he was each time he molded their features. 

We loved the zoo so much that we went back again on another day to play with the animals. 

My favorite animals were the gibbons. This guy entertained us for a long time, swinging back and forth on his jungle gym, showing off his acrobatic skillz. 

It's decided. I love adventures with Chris.