Thursday, April 14, 2011

Talking Snapdragons, Belly Kicks & Bacon :: One Last Recap

Shall we continue with Creative Estates recap week?? 

On Tuesday, you read about some lessons I learned at Creative Estates that I brought home with me to make my blog and biz better. Today, I want to share some lessons I learned outside of the "classroom". 

Creative women ROCK. This is no surprise. I loved meeting my Twitter/blog/creative biz buddies in person. I was amazed how each woman was so unique in their personality, style, and talents and yet so united in our passions and drive. 

On Saturday, we attended workshops in which we either {attempted} to make a statement necklace, or created a canvas painting. I chose to try the necklace and let's just say that I have a much higher appreciation for my jewelry making friends. I think I'll stick to painting. ;) 

I got to hug on Nicole from Olive Blue, Kristen from RockaBow and below, Megan from Flawed Perfection Jewelry! All adorable, sweet and hilarious girls. 

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell  talk to the flowers. Um, so who doesn't know that snapdragons talk and each color has a different voice?? Apparently, my blogger sisses didn't. These are my favorite flowers and I was delighted to introduce them to the magic of snapdragon conversations. 

Blogger friends = real friends. Sometimes we think it's silly to call our blogger friends "friends" and we have to clarify ("Oh, this girl I know on twitter said"...), but this weekend, those friends became real life friends. We shared our secrets, our struggles and many, many laughs. And I got to feel sweet babe Lucia kick inside her mama's belly. Magical.

That being said...

Don't cross Moriah. 

{No bloggers were hurt in the taking of this photograph.}

{This pictures cracks. me. up. }

Candy is good. Sometimes it takes the form of jelly beans, gummy coke bottles, sweet tarts and sour gummy worm passed between friends late at night, or shared on a table in the middle of a panel. Other times, it takes the form of yummy handmade goodness. I loved shopping the handmade market and having the chance to support my fellow creative biz owners. Loved the pretty confectionary booths of Much Love Illy, Amy Cornwell and Whippy Cake. 

Silliness is therapeutic.  I big puffy heart Shey (who did a incredible job pulling off this conference... just phenomenal!) , Kim, Ilene and Katie

 My favorite food tastes so much better with friends. Yes, I got to eat Chick-fil-a. And it was so good. Sadly, no Chick-fil-a in Hawaii, so it was quite a treat. And bacon is good any day, any time. 


Yep. My heart is full.

Tomorrow, the last Creative Estates post and then I'll shush. It's a fun photo shoot and sneak peek at some re-branding for the blog! ;)

All photos courtesy of Sandy, except for the last two, which are mine and Ilene's, respectively. ;)


  1. so jealous of your CE meet jealous of Chik-fil-a!

  2. I love it! It was so great to meet you! Great recap!

  3. Doesnt' eveyone know Snapdragons talk? And of course each color has a different voice silly people :)
    Planted a pot of babies from seeds, they are in the nursery now. Oh wait...I think I hear them cooing!

  4. That looks like a great time! Did your friends think you were a little intense about Chik Fil A? And most importantly....did you take bacon in to Chik Fil A to combine your loves??? Love ya.

  5. love love love these post. Cannot wait to (hopefully) be apart of this next year and meet all of you wonderful ladies :) I don't have a Chik Fil A in Michigan either

  6. I am so jealous of all the fun you girls had, it looks like such a great time and a great way to meet some really amazing people!

  7. ummmm... I have been going to Chick -fil-a my whole life and I never knew they had bacon there!!! :)
    I love all these photos!! I love the goofiness and the love!

  8. looks like such a fabulous time! thanks for sharing girl!


  9. I may look sweet, but don't get too close. RAWR.

  10. Such fun photos! I am so happy that you had such a nice trip to AZ!

  11. I love your recap!!! It is so cute--Sandy's pictures are amazing :)

    I however, do hate that picture of me! My hair was NOT HAPPY about the rain!

  12. mmmm bacon. I sure do love that stuff.
    All you girls are so stinking cute!!

  13. Sounds like you had a great time at creative estates! I wish I could have gone! I love your yellow headband too by the way!

  14. I'm so bummed that I didn't get to hang out with you girls too much at Creative Estates (I get totally nerdy shy!) but there's always next year, right? Snap dragons are my favorite flowers and they're covering my front yard! My husband said he'd never heard of anyone making them talk until we'd gotten married. Clearly he's the weirdo.


  15. Loving all the shots! My fave? The one of me holding you, of course! Miss you friend! And I big puffy heart you back!

  16. The bacon picture has bonded us forever. There can never be enough bacon.


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