Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aloha From a Sponsor: Ann-Margaret's

Hello all! As I'm flying over the Pacific headed to Arizona, I've got a lovely sponsor post for you today. Ann-Margaret is beautiful, kind and creative and her shop is just as sweet! She sells all sorts of colorful accessories from belt buckles, to jewelry, business card holders and notecards. Read more to get to know all about Ann-Margaret and her shop!

Hi Ann-Margaret! What are a few things Aisle to Aloha readers should know about you?

1) I'm a Westie mommy! :)  Tucker is our sweet furry baby, and we "adopted" him when we lived in Germany.  He has been by my side through so much…living overseas, keeping me company when my husband travels, and so much more.  He even blogs on Tuesdays on my blog, Ann-Margaret's Visions, and we call it "Tuesdays with Tucker".  He's just started his very own Facebook page and would love for you to become a fan ~Tuesdays with Tucker on Facebook! :)  He definitely keeps me smiling and is always right by my side whether I'm in my studio working, busy in my office, or chillin' on the patio ~ his favorite spot when the sun is shining!

2) My hubby and I lived in Kuwait for almost 3 yrs, and NO, I did not want to move there at first but made lots of sweet friends during my time there, many of whom I still enjoy keeping in touch with.  It was a good experience, and I love the journey and adventures that come with living abroad.  However,  it's always a bit difficult to be so far away from family so living overseas always makes me appreciate HOME even more.

3) My business began as a tea room and gift shoppe…we redid my great-grandmother's home {she used to have tea parties on her front porch and used to board teachers in the upstairs part ~ had it decorated like a cute little bed and breakfast!}, and people traveled 2 and 3 hours to come have tea with us! :)  It was such a blessing!  My great-grandmother was so creative, just like my mom and granny, so I know so much of my creativity has come from them.  And, I also know my love for the elderly started with her {my degree is in Social Work so before opening my own business I worked in nursing facilities and also managed an Alzheimer unit}.   My great grandmother had to be in a nursing home for a few years, and I loved going to visit her.  My mom would take me when I was about 5 years old so I just always felt comfortable around the elderly and loved spending time with them.  Those visits stayed in my heart, and I knew I wanted to focus on geriatrics when I began studying social work.  And, yep, you might be surprised, but I do seem to use quite a bit of social work skills in running my own business! 

Your shop is filled with so many cute things! What are some of your favorites?

Thank you! Well, let's see ~ I have such fun coming up with new designs and creating things so my "favorites" list seems to always be changing!  Some of my most favorite items would have to be these though:

Business card holder ~ As a business owner, it's always important to have business cards on hand when I'm out and about, and I love having a cute card holder for them.  I just recently decided that I need two in my purse…one for my business cards and another one for other cards such as my tax i.d. cards for JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and such.  And, it's also great for all the "points" cards from stores.  Just another stylish way I can try to be more organized!  And, since I love chandeliers, the chandelier design is my favorite!  Just like my other signature items, the card holders may be created with any of my designs.

I love the Free to Fly Belt Buckle!  I am really into birds, bird nests, and birdcages!!  And, I also love to feel inspired, and this design does this for me.  It reminds me about how important it is to let our dreams "take flight" so that they may be more than just a creative vision in our minds.  It inspires me to "spread my wings and fly"…you know, take that leap…move forward with a goal or idea and not let fear stand in the way!

Your shop is so colorful! You know I LOVE color! What is your favorite color and what do you think it says about you?

My favorite color is PINK {of course!!}!! I love all shades of PINK but especially a bright pretty PINK…the pink you'll see on my website and blog. Hmm…what does it say about me?? ~ That I get really excited about things I am passionate about and people that I love, I'm devoted, whimsical, happy, love pretty things ~ especially the little details, and truly enjoy doing for others and just thinking about how much they may SMILE over a sweet little surprise!! Oh, and I'm pretty sure it's says I'm sassy…just a little bit!! 

Isn't she a sweetie? Go check out all the lovelies in her shop and definitely visit her blog, Ann-Margaret's Visions, to get to know her better and see some of her beautiful photography!


  1. That belt buckle is so fun! Love her blog...I'm now a follower!

  2. Super cute! Love the bright colors!

  3. i first saw this shop on Allora Handmade's blog and love the items in the shop! great shop. :)


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