Friday, March 11, 2011

My Paint Shirt

Meet my paint shirt.

I've been wearing this shirt for about 7 years, since I was a camp counselor in college. I know it's not very flattering. It's an awful shade of yellow and is made to fit a (large) child. It eventually morphed into my painting shirt and bears the memories of many years of creativity. I use this shirt to open stubborn paint tubes, wipe off dirty paintbrushes and catch the mishaps that always happen when I have a paintbrush in my hand.

I'm not a careful painter and my mini-church buddies laugh at the paint they always see me sporting. They sometimes joke that I match my outfits to the paint that happens to be on my hands, arms, legs and yes, sometimes even in between my toes. So, it's essential to have a paint shirt to catch those paint flings.

But the thing is... my shirt is stinky. I haven't washed it I'm-not-going-to-tell-you-how-long because I don't want my paint stains to wash off! But I've come to realization that I don't want to be a stinky painter. So into the wash it goes tonight. 

And I suppose I'll have to start collecting those multi-colored memories again. 

Do you have paint shirt? Are you attached to it as I am to mine? 

Happy weekend, you awesome people you. Soak up every drop!

PS. Do you like mustard & typpgraphy? Listed an Ampersand Cutie in the shop. :)

** You have probably heard of the earthquake disaster in Japan that occurred today. There is also a tsunami warning here in Hawaii. I'm evacuated to a friend's house on high ground and watching the news (at 4:30am and sooo sleepy). Chris is in port and is perfectly safe. Thanks to everyone for their concern and prayers! Please pray for Japan as they are facing major casualties, indescribable damage and devastation.**


  1. LOL! In college I had "paint pants" - i had painted a boat for a high school contest in them and they had white paint all over them - despite washing. my roommates HATED THEM. And actually were the ones who deemed them the "paint pants" - it wasn't even that much paint - they were pj bottoms.

    My secret santa roommate got me a new set of PJ's that year ;)

  2. I don't have a specific paint shirt, although I should I always get paint on whatever outfit I'm wearing and if I'm quick (and lucky) it comes out. The ones that I've let it dry on....yep they're ruined. The paint didn't come out.

  3. dad's old t-shirts are def. a fave to wear when painting...although i don't paint. ;)
    keep us updated on the fate of old paint t-shirt, okay? i'd like to see if it survived the washing.

  4. This makes me so happy, that shirt remembers the things you have painted. Awesome.

    I hope all is well for you, I'm thinking of you today with all the tsunami issues.

  5. Coming out of lurkdom - when I saw the news this morning I immediately started praying that you were safe. so glad you gave us an update.

  6. When I read the news I immediately popped over here to make sure you were okay! I'm praying that you, Chris, and your friends remain safe, and I'm praying for everyone else affected.

    As for my paint shirt, I took an old dress shirt of my dad's that had a black pen stain in the shirt pocket. I painted quotes and little pictures all over it and I love it. I handwash mine and let it air-dry, because less paint chips off that way!

  7. lol. I don't have a paint shirt. I think it is whatever white shirt I can get my hands on. However, I do have a pair of paint pants. In fact I have two!! I tend to get more paint on my pants than on my tee. lol.
    I love your top though and the memories that go along with it!! :)

  8. I will keep everyone in my prayers. Hope you are all safe in Hawaii as well. Keep us posted if you can.

    Be well-

  9. Glad to hear you are safe! You stay put.

  10. I have a whole paint outfit, but I'm not an artistic painter. I used to work for Habitat and did a ton of painting (walls, doors, siding)--and that type of paint doesn't come out in the wash! I still use some of those clothes when I'm doing anything remotely dirty.

  11. Hope you're still safe, Lindsay! Thinking of you.

    I don't have a specific paint shirt...if I'm painting something small (like a craft project), I'm actually really neat about it. But if it's painting walls? Better watch out... :)

  12. Oh goodness! I hope you are safe. :)

  13. Love the paint shirt! We have something similar! LOL.

    Really enjoy reading your blog! I (TLC) am the one that purchased your FAB "Cutie" Ampersand in Mustard! So excited. Thank you!


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