Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's the Little Things: Birthday Mail, Sparkles & Peanut Sauce

It's time for another edition of It's the Little Things! Things that have made me smile this week, all documented from my phone pictures.

A mailbox full of goodies just for meee! :) I've gotten some adorable packages and cards this week for my birthday (which is on Saturday, did I tell you that already??). Feeling extra loved and all the fun mail makes being away from Chris a liiittle easier.

 The shams I ordered from UO also came in the mail and they look amazing on our crisp white duvet. Can't wait to show you how the room is coming together!

Sending out lots of Etsy orders made me super happy. I love sending bright sunshiny happiness out in the mail!

I had lunch with a girl friend at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday. I get the same thing every.time. The Thai Spring rolls with their heavenly peanut sauce. So many beautiful flavors in one bite. 

Yay for birthday outfits!! After our CPK lunch, we did a little birthday shopping and I got a super cute outfit. My girl friends are taking me out on the town on Saturday and I can't wait to rock this coral and purple duo! 

Nothing can make me a whole lot happier than a fresh, full tube of paint. Oh the possibilities.

What's making you smile this week?? 

PS. I know this post is 12 hours later than normal and I promised a Fresh Paint post. Hoping to get that post to you tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. woot! woot!! I love getting mail and sending out orders!! :) Happy birthday darling!!!! xoxo

  2. I use the same paints, they are my favorites!

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  4. 1. Those new shoes are HOT, I adore them!

    2. I love your passion for what you do and reading about all the creativity you have stored up in you. It inspires me to get me working on my Etsy shop.... Hopefully it won't take me five years to open it!

  5. Getting things in the mail besides bills is the absolute best! Have a happy birthday in your fabulous new shoes! :)

  6. can't wait to see you rocking that dress!! it looks so springy.

  7. you are going to look stinking HAWT in that dress & shoes.

    Also, I may have acted like an obsessed little fangirl when I noticed that your custom queue was open. I sent you a DM, an email, and now I'm telling you about it here.

    clearly, i love you.


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