Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aloha From A Sponsor: Rouge & Whimsy

Today, I'm happy to introduce you to Erika, the red haired beauty behind the shop and blog, Rouge and Whimsy. You will love the sweet headbands in her growing shop! 

What are three random facts about yourself that will tell my readers a little bit about the girl behind the blog? 

I have red hair-- something I used to hate about myself, but now it's my favorite physical trait
I live in Seattle with my wonderful husband Evan and my little corgi, Nesby
I talk fast... (and a lot). Turns out I do a lot of things fast: type fast, read fast...drive fast. (Whoops!)

Which came first, the shop or the blog? What is the meaning behind your blog name?

The shop and products came first. I had/have a personal blog and decided a little over a month ago to dedicate separate blog space to my shop and more craft-y side.

The name speaks to three parts of me. First off, Rouge signifies my red hair and my love of all things French (rouge means red in French.. but red hair in French is rousse...which I decided was too complicated). Two years ago I took a road trip through France and loved every part of the country. Whimsy is a recent add-on. Selling my crafts is a pretty big dream of mine, and I think a lot of my creations are fanciful and fun-- whimsy was a good way to encompass all of that.

What are three of your favorite blog posts to date? 

The blog hasn't been up for that long and I have tons of ideas, but the three so far would have to be:
The pup's first Valentine 
Easy as pie 
Here's to you Dr. Seuss 

If you were a dessert, what kind would you be? 

Pie! Specifically my mom's homemade apple or pumpkin pie. (I've included a recipe for the crust in my favorite blog posts for you all) ;)

Thanks Erika! 

How adorable is she? How fun would it be to have that gorgeous red hair?? And those accessories are just beautiful, aren't they? I think my favorite is the Hayden. :) 

Go visit her blog here or give her shop some love! 


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