Thursday, February 17, 2011

Q&A with me: Part One!

I love all the questions you asked me yesterday! I'll start with a few today and I'll answer more next week. Hopefully you enjoy getting to know us better -- I always love reading these posts from my favorite bloggers.

Here's the first round!

Lulu wants to know...

How's life like in Hawaii? Suburban, calm, quiet, loud, busy, relaxed?

Well, it totally depends which island you are on! It's kind of funny because each island ( and even the different sides of the islands!) has its own 'personality' you might say. Oahu is the most populated and busy island. It's pretty crowded on most of the island, with all the tourists, military families and locals all in one spot. You'd be surprised that we actually live in a pretty busy, ghetto-ish area of the island. Not on the picturesque beach, in a hut (though we are across the street from the waters of Pearl Harbor.)

What's the story behind your Etsy shop? Why did you start it?

I love this question! She also asked...

Where did you learn to paint such amazing paintings? Is/was it a hobby?

Gosh, Lulu, you're so sweet! I'll answer both of these together.

I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was little. I did take a lot of art classes through high school (including AP Studio Art) and I took a drawing class and a ceramics class in college. I'm not sure why I didn't major in studio art in college, but I guess I just didn't see it being practical (oh, but Spanish is sooo Hawaii, right??) Other than that, I guess I'm just mostly ''self-taught''.... or just learn through trial and error! :)

 Click here to see some sketches from high school on up that I blogged about last year (and feel free to comment on that post-- I don't think I had many followers when I blogged it! :)

When Chris deployed last year, I signed up for some painting classes at a local art school and I was so excited to learn more and spend my time painting! Well, I hated, loathed, despised those classes. They made me question myself as an artist and I almost quit painting forever. Thankfully, Chris backed me up 100% and I quit halfway through. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Here are some unfinished paintings I shared when I was struggling with those classes.

And then an idea started to grow in my head and my heart. I knew that God had given me a passion for art, for painting and I just needed to explore and find my own style. And what if people liked my paintings and would actually want to buy them?? It was a scary thought and it took me almost 7 months before I was ready to open the doors of my Etsy shop. During that time, I changed around the artwork in our house a lot as I defined my style of painting and I started selling some paintings to friends. I slowly developed an idea of what I wanted my shop to feel like and began creating the modern, colorful paintings that fill my shop now. Looking back now, I wonder how I ever doubted what an amazing experience this would be.

Cat asked:

What was your worst job? 

Oh gosh, you're going to make me talk about THAT? Haha. I had a waitressing job for SIX weeks and I hated it. Not everything about it. Actually, I loved talking to people and taking amazing Italian food leftovers home to eat. What I didn't love was the smoking, cursing, screaming Italian owner, the stress of the job (I was not made to waitress) and the mob bosses that I had to serve. I'm serious.

One night, a group of six old men pulled up in a black town car, came into the restaurant and sat at my booth (in the far corner). The owner's daughter said to pour them sparkling water and leave them alone. She brought them some appetizer's and I wasn't allowed to go near them the whole night. Eventually, after a lengthy chat with the owner, they exited through the back kitchen door. Suspicious, right?

Yeah, I quit that week.

After Hawaii, where would you like to be stationed? 

After we leave Hawaii, we'll most likely be headed to Florida for some training for Chris. He's switching jobs and will be a much happier man in a job that he really cares about. I'll share more about that as things become more defined (with the military that usually means after they happen... ha. )

Do you wear nail polish? If so, what is your favorite color to wear? 

I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers. I'm usually wearing another kind of paint all over my hands. :) But, I love wearing fun colors on my toes! My favorite color is Conga line Coral by OPI.

Have you thought of a question yet? Keep them coming and I'll keep answering!

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! See ya later, alligators!


  1. Great post honey! I love to learn new things about my blogger friends! I miss Oahu...I used to visit at least once a year and haven't been in a while...I'm having a giveaway to celebrate my new makeover. Check it out! Kori xoxo

  2. Love these! My husband just changed his Air Force job and that's how we got Germany. Hope he gets a job he wants! We're hoping we'll get Florida next. We're ready to live somewhere with warmer weather and closer to family.

    Your waitress job is funny! I bet it's strange to look back on and wonder what those guys were really up to!

  3. Fun post! That waitressing job does sound creepy, glad you got away lol!

  4. Oooh I love that nail polish color, I need to go get a bottle!

  5. What a fun post! I always get asked what it's like living here in Hawaii too. It's very different vacationing here, than it is living here... lol

  6. ifff i had of known i would of asked you when your favourite time of day is in hawaii? i could never quite decide. sunrise on the bunker hike overlooking the blue waters of lanikai? midday in the sun and heat or sunset over the beaches? i'll have to decide when i go back and live with my sister again - krsta

  7. Lindsay I love your bright paintings, they seem to perfectly fit your personality (though we haven't met;-)). That being said I really thought your works in progress were great too. I thin its always hard to narrow down your art and find exactly what you want. For my personal designs (not client work), I work and rework something putting it away for a month or so and then bringing it back. Anyways, I hope you all find out your orders soon and get what you want. Its definitely important to have a man who is happy where he is at!

  8. I envy your life:) :) glad to meet you on twitter!

  9. omg!! that story about your worst job is scary, yikes!! glad you got out of there stat!!

  10. Love this post! So neat to learn more about the people who write the blogs I read! What a great idea! I'm gonna have to think of a question for ya!


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