Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday March Babies!

 Wow, is it already almost March? Hey, that's fine by me -- it always makes me excited to turn another page on the calendar-- especially during deployment and especially when it's the month of March!

Month one of the Love and Envelopes Birthday Club has come and gone! We hope that everyone enjoyed getting to send love and encouragement through the mail to the sweet January/February birthday girls!

 And to all our January/February birthday girls-- did you just love getting mail all month?? We hope your birthday day, week, month was super special! Don't forget to write a blog post about your goodies and link up here!

Today I get to wish a very happy birthday to all my fellow March babies!

While signs-ups for the Birthday Club are closed until June, please feel free to stop by their blog (either today or on their birthday!) and leave them some love!

Hopefully everyone signed up for the club received an email yesterday with the name and info of a March birthday girl! Make sure you get those cards (and goodies, if you are feeling generous!) out to your girl as soon as possible so it arrives in time.

Annie Pilon
Birthday:: March 2nd
Blog:: Wattle Bird
Shop:: Wattle Bird 

Sandra Bond
Birthday:: March 10th
Blog:: The In Between is Mine

Megan Reynolds
Birthday: March 13th
Blog:: Flawed Perfection
Shop::Flawed Perfection Jewelry

Lindsay Wilkins (that's me!)
Birthday:: March 19th
Blog:: From the Aisle to Aloha
Shop:: Aisle to Aloha Studio

Kristen Barrett
Birthday:: March 28th
Blog:: Hope Abound
Shop:: Hope Abound Boutique

Alissa Circle
Birthday:: March 30th
Blog:: Rags to Stitches
Shop:: Rags to Stitches Boutique

So, tell me. Do you call them sprinkles or jimmies? Rainbow or chocolate??


  1. Is Jimmies really a word people use for Sprinkles?? lol never heard of such a thing!

  2. Your bday is the same as my best friend's! There's no way I'll forget it now :)

  3. woohoo!!! happy, happy birthday to all the march babies!!!!

  4. They'll always be sprinkles to me, but everyone around me (in the Northeast) calls them jimmies. Rainbow please!

  5. So fun...I have a March bday as well! The 10th!

    I call them sprinkles :)

  6. Sprinkles! Happiest of Birthdays to all the March Babies!

  7. We call them Hundreds and Thousands!!! Sprinkles is known of, but jimmies is totally new to me!

  8. Sprinkles for sure. I heard "jimmies" for the first time when I was in NJ, but never again until now! :) Chocolate, please.

    Happy Birthday, March babies! :)

  9. Happy Birthday, March babies! Looking forward to sending a few of you a little surprise!

    Those cake balls look yummy!

  10. As a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, I called them jimmies. Now as an adult in the DC area, it's sprinkles. I'll take them under any name and any color!

    P.S. I can't wait for the birthday blog to open up again so I can join. Such a great idea!

  11. Happy early birthday! Sprinkles...and rainbow! :)

  12. What a fun idea and happy early birthday to all the March babies, I'm one, too!



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