Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amber's Aqua, White & Purple Baby Shower!

Throwing baby showers for friends is just too fun. Especially when the girls you are working with are beautiful, creative people, and the mama you are throwing it for is the sweetest girl ever. I love my Hawaii sistahs. 

Once again, these amazing pictures are courtesy of my girl, Rachel. Rach and I were on the decoration team while other girls took care of food, drinks, games and prizes. 

Our colors for Amber's shower were aqua and white with some purple thrown in for good measure. 

The sky threatened rain so we brought the outdoors inside and sprinkled purple flowers around the room. 

Mini tissue poms and paper lanterns made the room feel festive and cheery. And they are both really inexpensive options for decorating and pack a punch! 

We chose some coordinating aqua aloha fabric and Rachel sewed three runners to add even more color to the food, drink and gift tables. 

If you haven't seen it already, here's my vlog tutorial on the poms-- I show you how to make the flower version, but it's easy to make them into the poms from there. 

We made buntings out of scrap book paper and ribbon. They went on the mantel, windows and on the outside doors to let people know where the party was!

And here's my painting again, which I brought to show Amber and was a fun addition to the shower decor.

Isn't this salad so pretty? It was delicious too! Strawberries, feta, onions on spinach with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. 

One of the genius ideas that I will forever be using at baby showers was this one. Guests were instructed to rim their mocktails with either pink or blue sugar, depending on their guess at the baby's gender! 

We love you Amber and baby! :) 

And speaking of babies, nurseries, etc.... I added a duo of Cuties to the shop yesterday that I think would look darling in a nursery (or anywhere else for that matter!) They're just chillin' in the shop with all the other paintings until someone wants to take them home. :)



  1. What a gorgeous shower! Love the colors and ideas!

  2. Pretty shower! I love the pink or blue sugar idea! And your dress...LOVELY!!!

  3. When you said "And speaking of babies," I got really excited thinking you were going to announce one! ;) Here's to the future, right?!

    The shower looked so bright and beautiful. Great job decorating! Also, I LOVE your cuties and will be ordering one soon!!

  4. That baby shower looks like it was SO much fun!

  5. Love the decorations and the mamatini & mamajito! Thanks for posting, looks like a very fun shower...and of course very inviting with the tropical theme and all this time of year from New England :)

  6. awwwwww such a beautiful shower! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the decorations! and your dresses are soo fun!!

  7. Everything looks lovely! I love using those tissue poms; inexpensive, but they add such a nice touch. :)

  8. What a beautiful shower!

    P.S. My friend LOVED the painting!!!!

  9. Very pretty shower! I love the sugar rim, cute touch :)

  10. What a beautiful shower!! You did a great job with decorating and I'm still in love with that painting! ;-)

  11. Wow! GORGEOUS baby shower! You are such a good friend :) And the idea to ring the glasses with colored sugar is brilliant! I will definitely be remembering that. And those little pod cuties are precious!

  12. oh that shower looked so much fun! loved the colors and all of the decor. and you looked adorably cute!

  13. such a beautiful shower! nothing more beautiful than a mama carrying her baby :)

  14. Thanks for making my shower Beautiful!! It will be a day I always will remember. I am so thankful for all the hands that contributed to this special day.

  15. Oh i love the pink and blue sugar idea! Even my boyfriend commented that it was a cool idea :o)

    jilly x


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