Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Saw A Lot Of Whales In Maui.

{Do you like my super imaginative post title? Genius, I know.}

The highlight of our trip to Maui was far and away our sunrise whale watch cruise. We saw so many whales breaching, splashing and swimming close to our boat. I think we saw over 20 whale breaches. 

The humpback whales in Alaska travel down to Maui to breed between December and April each year, so we were there at the perfect time to see lots of them. It was so awe inspiring to see such huge, majestic and mysterious creatures so closely. God truly is an imaginative Creator!

This picture below is one of my favorites of the morning. See that dot in the water near the horizon? That's a whale breaching. 

Chris went to take a picture of me and jokingly said, "Okay, whale, on three, jump. One, two, three." And the whale jumped!! We couldn't believe it actually jumped at that exact second and right in the picture too! 

My husband, the whale whisperer. 

Here's one waving hello with his flipper. 

This next picture is my very favorite. Love the whale joyfully jumping out of the Hawaiian waters and the sunrise in the background. 

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Huge splashes when they came down!

(I got a new hat while in Maui. Do you like it? I do. I've been wearing it almost every second of each day. It gives me fantastic hat hair.)



  1. oh wow!! you guys captured a ton of great whale pics! that's soo crazy you got soo close and were able to time it so well too!! and i think your blog post title is perfect and very fitting!! :)

  2. wow! you have a super extra ordinary trip there...wish i can go there too....

  3. That's something I've never done. It looks fun and memorable!

  4. What a fun trip and great shots!

    Yes, I love your hat!


  5. wow - so cool! we didnt see any whales in hawaii b/c we were in oahu but next time, i want to go to maui for real! this is awesome!

  6. So cool!!! So, so cool. I was on a whale watching trip where we sat for 3 hours waiting for whales and never saw any. That was off the coast of BC. I think. It could've been a movie I saw. I just know you're lucky if you see a whale.

  7. Love that beautiful whale picture with the sunrise! It reminded me of "Free Willy"... which I made Beau watch the other day. :) Fun adventure!

  8. Oh, amazing! I went whale watching years ago and it was a memorable experience!
    You got some great shots!

  9. Wow, amazing shots! What an incredible experience.

    Erika B

  10. Oh wow! So beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii so this might have to be on our to do list. :-) love your hat too!

  11. I put up the painting that you gave me!! :) I was so happy when I finally got it up I had to do a post about it not even 2 minutes afterwards. :)

    Here is the link to the post...


    Thank you so much again Lindsay!

  12. That is fantastic! Seeing whales in the wild is a dream of mine I hope comes true some day :)

  13. Gorgeous photos and experience. I love the hat, too. :)

    I'm super jealous of your shorts right now, too.

  14. Oh, I want to come to Hawaii to see the whales sometime! That would be lovely!

  15. That is so cool! I love it! : ) We go on whale watches when we go to the shore in the summer! So much fun!


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