Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Inspiration.

 Sorry for the late post today. Well, I'm not really that sorry. I was enjoying some time with Chris last night and didn't want to break out the computer and lose any precious time with him. Thanks for understanding! :)

First off, I'd like to announce the winner of the custom design board from Second Street East! Congratulations to commenter #15-- Whitney from Frames and Names! Happy designing! (Shoot me an email today and I'll get you hooked up with Michelle!)

I wanted to share a few pieces of inspiration I have for some studio revamping. :) I'm trying to sell our queen sized guest bed on Craigslist so I can make more functional space in there. Here are a few tidbits of my inspiration for that space.

I would love to have a curvy, brightly colored dresser to store all my shipping and packing supplies! Can't decide between a bright turquoise or a bold yellow. Love both of these dressers.

The first is painted by my dear photog friend, Rachel.  She's not just an amazing photographer. Oh yes, every bone in this girl's body is filled with creativity.

And of course, this beauty is painted by Michelle of Three Men and a Lady. 

Love love loooove these beautiful clipboards from box64 studios on etsy. I think one (or three!) of these would be a great place to display my goals for the year. 

I know I've shown you this picture from Le Papier Studio before. This is my very favorite wall gallery and I'm definitely going to do something similar over the dresser. 

I also want to throw in some vintage accents. I'd love to get a vintage metal locker basket (like this one from Gingers Girl on Etsy) to hold all my paint tubes on my sawhorse table. 

And one of these ginger jar lamps from Modish Vintage on Etsy would look fab on that dresser, don't you think??

Okay, I know it's all over the place, but I think that's perfectly acceptable for studios. Studios should be a place of inspiration found in every nook and cranny. And I LOVE color, so there will be lots of that, of course. 

In fact, that's one of the reasons I chose to add the word "studio" to my Etsy shop name. That word evokes to me a sense of comfort, inspiration, a chance to get messy and creative. And that's exactly what I hope to morph my own studio into. 

I'm excited to share some fabulous guest posters with you next week and they were gracious enough to invite you all into their creative spaces to show you around. :) Can't wait to share! 

Okay, so.... big announcement time. So, you may have heard of Creative Estates, a conference for handmade shop owners/crafters/bloggers. I've been wanting to go, especially considering that a good deal of my sweet blogger/crafter/twitter friends will be there! (Oh, and I want to learn more about handmade biz! ;)

So, I talked with Chris last night about it and he's for it! He's actually really excited for me about it, so that's making me even more excited. So, here's the deal. Plane tickets from Hawaii to Arizona are expensiiiiiive! In order to pay for the conference, I'd like to announce that all profit from my Cuties will now be going directly to paying for my tickets to Creative Estates! 

So, what does that mean?? I'll be stocking up on more Cuties soon, so that means, YOU should go buy a ton of them! Fill a wall with Click-click cameras of every color, give them to your family and friends! And when I get back from my trip to MD, feel free to order up some custom Cuties, cuz that profit will go towards Creative Estates too! :) 

(Psst... there are two Cuties in the shop right now. Go check them out! Painting and listing one more later today, before my big shipment comes in next week! :)

I'm feeling the Cutie luv, people, and I'm feeling so blessed by it. In fact, my Cuties were featured on three fabulous blogs today! Hop over to Reviving Remnants, Much Love, Illy and Wild and Precious for some Cutie luv. 

Have a beautiful, colorful, inspiration filled Wednesday, my friends!


  1. yay first for the cuties, and second for the hope of seeing you at creative estates!!! better stock up soon cuz so many want cuties and many want to see you at CE!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I love all the fabulous inspiration! Lady you are so awesome.

  3. Love all of the inspiration. I am really into yellow right now so those photos = Love.

  4. I really really really want that first dresser!! FAB!

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  5. aw i hope you get to your destination. Your cuties will be on my blog too as soon as i can get the blinking post to publish!!!Grrrrrr x

  6. The turquoise dresser is awesome! I have one that is similar, but taller instead of wider. I can't wait to see how your studio evolves! I totally agree that it's acceptable for your studio to be "all over the place". If you find inspirations in different things, include them all!!

    p.s. i gave you a lil shout out in my blog today!

  7. i posted about that yellow dresser in one of my very first flavors to follows last year!! hehe i love it!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Creative Estates!!!!!!! :D i wana meet u!!

  8. i love both of the dressers so much. but the blue is so adorable, and very YOU <33

    i want to come to creative estates SO badly!!

    still trying to save up...


  9. Love the dressers!! I want to find a super cheap one and give it a redo and use it as a buffet in my dining room. Thank you for adding my basket - that is the one that is going to be in the West Elm catalog :)

  10. the dresser makes my heart happy. and so do your cuties. once my craft room is finished i will decide on the colors that i want and send you a custom order..:)gina

  11. Awww love your cuties, the turquoise dresser, your frame inspiration, your blog and its all-encompassing ways. :)

  12. those dressers are beautiful!! and your prints are adorable.

    just started following you - had no idea i wasn't already! was wondering why i wasn't seeing any new posts from you! glad i fixed that :)

  13. I love all of your inspiration for your studio, and I definitely think it all goes together!
    And those dressers are dreamy!


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