Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing It In.

Hi friends! How was your New Year's weekend? Did you have a blast celebrating? We did! I'll post later this week on our NYE festivites & a super easy and yummy appetizer I made for the party. :) 

I very rarely make New Year's resolutions. But as the New Year approaches, I'm feeling rather "stale", I guess you could say. I always like to make goals before Chris goes away (which is coming up too soon), so this list is pulling double duty today. So here goes-- my New Year's resolutions/goals. 

1. Be more intentional. This is rather vague, I suppose, but applies to lots of areas of my life. I want to be more intentional with how I spend my time (uh, maybe less time spent on that fabulous time-sucker twitter??),  and with my relationships (with Chris, buddies and even you, my online pals.) 

2. Organize my life. By this I mean, I want to magically have good organizational skillz. Or I guess, just work on improving the ones I have. I'd like to organize my Etsy business better so it's easier to keep track of everything, organize my kitchen cabinets and get some totally rad storage for my painting supplies. 

3. Learn some new skillz. Two things I'd love to learn more about this year-- graphic design/computer skillz, and photography. I'd love to be able to change some things around the blog myself instead of having someone else do it, and I hope to be able to make my own blog ads. Also, photography. I want to improve the photos in my shop and just learn about photography in general. I'm saving up my Etsy money for a Canon Rebel. So, go buy my paintings if you wanna help me with this one. OR, if you have any tips for me, I guess that could help too. :) 

4. Jesus. This is the most important one on my list. I'm consistently awful at reading my Bible and spending time in prayer. It is a constant struggle for me and has a lot to do with my problem above, about not being intentional with my time. I hope that this year will be the year that my relationship with Jesus becomes a real, deep relationship. If anyone has a fabulous Bible reading schedule, send it my way, puh-lease--I think I'm gonna need a good one. 

Okay, so do you have any goals for this year? Fess up! 

all photos via weheartit. 


  1. I think being more intentional is a great goal! I think I need a little more of that in 2011 as well. ;-)

  2. Good list, I am working on mine for today too! I am just trying to narrow it down, it is a bit long, haha!! If you have any questions about photography I would be happy to help!!!

  3. I'm with you on spending more time with Jesus! I can't think of a more rewarding or eternal goal! God Bless you and Happy new Year!

  4. I have yet to really think about resolutions - but these are great. I hope that you meet all of your goals in 2011!

  5. Great post! I think "be more intentional" is a great way to put it. I definitely relate. I'm bad about getting excited about something and blowing off things that should probably be done sooner rather than later.

    Best of luck to us both!

  6. I think those are great goals! I could definitely work on all of those too!

    A couple books that we've read with our small group this year:

    The Good and Beautiful God

    and The Prodigal God

    Both of these helped me see my faith in a whole new light. Like I said, we read through them with our small group, but you could definitely read them individually too.

    Happy New Year, dear! Here's to reaching goals! ;)

  7. such a good list, friend - esp with drawing closer to Christ! there are some great read the Bible in a year guides online - or you could just pick a book a month and read it over and over again. i love doing that more so than reading the Bible through because then it sticks for me terms of remembering what i read. :)

    happy new year, friend!

  8. yes yes! i want to learn new things this year! i really want to learn more about graphic design as well but i guess i just don't know where to start! i also wana learn how to decorate cakes/cupcakes better too!! :)

  9. Those are great goals! I'm definitely with you on the skills and spending more time with Jesus.

    Adorable photos, btw.

  10. I have done the read the Bible in a year chronologically. I have tried a few other read the Bible plans and liked this one the best. Here is a link to the pdf.

    I am currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Not quite a feel good book but certainly challenging to your faith in a really good way.

    Heres to furthering our relationship to the Lord in 2011!

  11. I friggen love those shoes! Now my mind is racing on how I can make my own. :)

    Happy New Year.

    p.s. try downloading a Bible app on your phone if you have a smart phone. I never forget to read my Bible because I always have it with me on my phone.

  12. all very good ones!! Organization is very high on my list!

  13. I love your goal of being More Intentional. I totally need this, in fact, that has been my goal with my art for the last 2 months. Intentional strokes, not just flippant waves of my paint brush.
    My Scripture study happens when I put my Kiddos down for their naps. I used to sleep with them, and then I realized how time I would have for study and reflection if I just stayed up. Before I had Kids, I made the goal of doing my scripture study before I did something that didn't need to be done (watch T.V., surf the web). Or I would do it before I started painting. I found that it helped me get my mind straight and focused. And then while I paint I can't help but think of my creator, and how much he has blessed me to create for myself.
    Hope that helps.

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