Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiring Spaces: Kim from Oh Sweet Joy!

Since Chris is leaving this week, I wanted to take a little time off from the blog and focus on him as well as just have some time to adjust after he leaves. So, I have some super fabulous friends sharing their creative spaces with you this week! (They happen to all be fabulous seamstresses!) They'll show you their spaces, what inspires them, and demonstrate that it's possible to have a lovely place to create whether you do it in a closet nook, on the dining room table or in a room all your own. 

 Kim from Oh Sweet Joy! is up first! Not only is Kim a creative soul, but she is also a beautifully sweet one. An inspiring friend and a fellow lover of Jesus, I am so thankful I've had the chance to get to know her. And I'm excited that you get to know her a little bit too today. 

Kim, meet Aisle to Aloha readers. Friends, meet Kim. 

Hey pretty people! I'm Kim, the writer ((err typer?)) behind the blog, Yellow Songbird,  as well as the designer of the shop -  Oh, Sweet Joy!  Lindsay asked me to help her out with some blogging this week while she soaks up some time with her man ((get it, girl)) and I was thrilled to oblige. Who can say no to her cute face?

I was also pumped to share with y'all my "creative space" and fill you in on how things around me inspire me. Are you ready? Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. 

We recently moved to Boulder, CO into a cute two bedroom apartment. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty spacious condo, but there are only two rooms...which means I get to share my studio space with the spare bedroom. I decided I could make it work, as long as I used every bit of space wisely. The doors of the closet were non-existent ((weird, huh?)) so I decided to make a little sewing nook! I LOVE how it turned out. 

I sit down in that cute vintage chair and I'm PUMPED to get to work. Somehow all that cuteness makes even writing address on envelopes enjoyable...paired with oldies on Pandora, of course. 

You can get the low-down on all the details if you click here, but I wanted to keep things rolling with what inspires me. I love the crispness of a white space to work on, especially when I work with such fun fabrics. However, I *need* color, so robin's egg blue and yellow are my go-to happy colors. 

They are also the colors of my kitchen. I just can't get enough. 

I'll be honest. They go hand-in-hand, but nothing inspires me more than designer fabric. Anna Maria Horner is my homegirl ((I should make a t-shirt)) and takes unexpected color combinations that become my favorite...instantly. I mean, if you can make highlighter green, coral, ocean blue, and light brown work've got game. 

See what I mean?

I just love that I can look at a piece of fabric and get inspired. My favorite is when I look at a certain fabric and it SCREAMS (( fabric doesn't yell at me)) skirt, or necklace, or handbag. My stash is getting pretty impressive and I'm on my way to being on hoarders: craft edition, BUT it makes me happy and is the number one thing that inspires my work. 

Sometimes, getting inspiration is as easy as going out for a run, clearing my head, enjoying the mountain views, and dreaming up new designs. God's creation is crying out to be noticed...and when I take the time to actually notice and soak it in, I'm unstoppable that day in my studio. 

So, today I encourage you to take it all in and be inspired. Soak up any bit of color, beauty, and inspiration that's around you. Turn it into something even more beautiful. Handmade style. :)



  1. Love that color scheme and what a creative gal! That office is adorable!

  2. such a fun interview! kim has got such a joyful personality - i too am thankful i've gotten the chance to get to her know via blogging.

  3. Kim is so adorable! I love her little space...and the Just Beat It mixer cover is hilarious!

  4. wow! i love the colors in your sewing nook and i love your writing style. you made me laugh! i'm going over now to check out your blog! i have such admiration for people who can sew! thanks for sharing on lindsay's blog!

  5. I love your sewing space. More and more, I'm drawn to white and aqua - 2 colors I used to claim to hate, I thought they were too sterile. But man . . . I'm just loving them lately!

    I recently read your Quit Your Day Job post, and have just followed you. Can't wait to read more!

    Also - Boulder is my 2nd favorite city I've never been to. Austin's the first.

  6. LOVE the sewing space, Kim!! Can't wait to check out your blog asap!

    And Lindsay, I just happened upon your blog and I can't get enough of it! Your writing is great, your personality adorable, and your blog is nothing short of inspiring. I'm a semi-newlywed too and it's great fun checking out what others in our same situation are up to. So thanks for sharing!

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  8. I LOVE kin!! She is such a sweetheart and she is so creative!!!
    LOVE this post ladies!!

  9. i LOVE kim!! her space is sooo inspiring! maybe when the snow storm hits later this week and i'm stuck inside, i will organize my crafting space!!

  10. Appreciate your sharing your current encounter concerning this subject.

  11. I ADORE Kim!! She is so very inspiring! <3

  12. I came across Oh Sweet Joy during Beneath My Heart's closet makeover linky party & was totally in love with her little sewing space! So cute & so organized! Great job!

  13. How cute are you? Seriously?

    I'm am so struggling with jealousy right now. Kim's space is so. darn. cute.

  14. love, love, love the creative space she's made for herself. inspired now to make my space pretty ; )

  15. i adore kim's space! how fabulous:)

  16. Oh man, I love Kim. I'm a craft supply hoarder too. Yikes.

  17. that picture of her craft room is definitely gonna show up all over pintrest and like sites!! seriously awesome! such a sweet gal!

  18. I love this lady! I love her blog and her shop! I REALLY LOVE her sewing nook! So cute!

  19. for some reason i didn't read any of these comments until now. i'm dying. so sweet. thanks to each & every one of you for the kind words.


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