Thursday, January 27, 2011

Celebrating the January/February Birthday Girls!

Kicking off the first round of birthdays today for the Love and Envelopes Birthday Club! I'm so excited to wish each of these sweet girls below a very happy birthday!

Whether you are signed up for the Birthday Club or not, please feel free to stop by their blog (either today or on their actual birthday!) and leave them some love! 

Hopefully everyone signed up for the club received an email yesterday with the name and info of a special January/February birthday girl! Make sure you get those cards (and goodies, if you are feeling generous!) out to your girl as soon as possible so it arrives in time.

(If you didn't get an email, let us know ASAP so we can fix that! The longest email address ever--

Also, you might consider writing a blog post about your birthday girl on her special day. This is a great way to make her feel appreciated by her fellow bloggers!

Thank you to everyone participating! We can't wait to see all the posts linked up to our Birthday Club page after everyone is done celebrating!

Ann-Margaret Arnold
Birthday: January 26

Abigail Webster-Ratts
Birthday: January 31

Melanie Costello 
Birthday: January 18

Lulu Taylor
Birthday: January 22
 Hannah Wuerffel
Birthday: February 29 (or 28)

 Mandy Schotter
Amber Buchanan
Birthday: February 17

 Happy Birthday, lovely friends! May God bless you richly this year!

Okay, so what do you say? Do you love birthdays? Avoid them like the plague? I LOVE my birthday. I think it's my favorite day of the year. ;)

* We so appreciate everyone's excitement for the birthday club! Sign ups are now closed but will be open again in June if you would like to join then! :) Mahalo, friends!*


  1. YAY! I am so excited about this:)

  2. How do we sign up for this? The link isn't working... and I wanna play along!

  3. I was so excited to get my email with "assignment". Thanks for setting it up:)

  4. Yay!!! I am in the process of making a card and a little gift right now!!! Her b.d. was Jan. 22nd. So I am going to be a little late, but worth the wait! ;)
    Have a wonderful day friend!!!

  5. Mmm I kind of want to devour that cupcake.

  6. birthdays are the best :) I'm excited to participate it this!

  7. What fun this is going to be! So excited to be a part of the b'day club!! :)

  8. I { LOVE } my Birthday!
    I'm so excited to be apart of the birthday club.


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