Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sea Glass Hunting

As you know, we love surfing in this house. Chris loves it most of all and it's not uncommon that we are up at our favorite shore break on the North Shore on Friday at sunset... and then again on Saturday at sunrise. Those are the best times to go; the light is magical. 

I'm not always in the mood to surf so I usually I sit in my beach chair and watch the surfers while Chris hits the waves. But the other night, I decided to go on a walk and search for sea glass. 

I love the 'thrill' of the hunt. I get so excited when I search through small piles of shells left by the waves to find a perfectly worn piece of glass. 

I find other treasures along the way. Like little birdie tracks. 

And sometimes I write in the sand. But don't turn your back to the ocean for too long. 

You just MIGHT get pummeled by a wave that rushes in, eating your sand words, soaking your jean shorts and leaving your legs stinging with the salty water. 

(and you just might snap a picture just as it happens.)

(and you just might laugh at yourself for a good 10 minutes and look around to see who noticed.)


  1. HI! I grew up in Kailua. If you haven't been already, you should check out Diamond Head Beach for sea glass hunting! There is more there than you would know what to do with. : )


  2. oh how lovely! I'd love to be on a beach right now, instead im pretty much snowed in! :(


  3. I love the beach!

    The first picture is awesome!

  4. The pictures along with the title of this post make me think of the movie sweet home alabama and a sweet feeling of love. Something about sea glass just seems romantic...maybe it's just me:)

  5. Lovely photographs! I nearly feel like I went on the hunt with you. :D

  6. so jealous of all your beach adventures!!

    love this.

  7. Oooh so pretty! I've never found sea glass but I would love to search for some!

  8. What a meditative way to spend a day on the beach!


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