Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ribbons & Bubble Wrap: How I Package My Etsy Orders

Since Christmas is approaching quickly and if you're like me, you'll be sending packages off to distant friends and family, I thought I'd do a little post about my Christmas packaging for Aisle to Aloha Studio.

When I was first starting out -- 4 long months ago! ;) -- I searched all over for tutorials about how people were packaging canvases and couldn't find anything. So, hopefully this is helpful for those of you looking to package fragile items. And if not, then at least you get a little sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes in my shop!

First, I say a little goodbye to my painting. I'm serious--I get attached to these things! And the dahlia one is one of my favorites! (She's headed to Gettysburg, PA, my old college town!)

I bought some cute patterned Japanese masking tape (washi tape) to use for my Christmas packages. They're teeny little guys and I love them so! (You can find them on Etsy--I bought them at this shop)

Okay, so, sometimes I sandwich the canvas with two pieces of cardboard cut to fit. That helps keep it safe and sound and puncture free. But since I'm doing the Christmas wrapping, it doesn't really need that extra layer. 

Kraft paper and washi tape. Pretty, pretty!

I always include a handwritten thank-you note (color coordinated--of course! I went with turquoise and red for this package.) and some curling ribbon is always fun. 

Next is a nice healthy layer of bubble wrap. I like the medium size bubbles--I think they cushion the painting pretty well. 

I forgot to take a picture but next, I put the painting in a large "basket" bag. It's a plastic gift wrap bag that will help keep any moisture out in case the package is stuck in the rain or snow before delivery. 

I seal it with one of these babies. Just a name tag/ office label with a hand drawn little sentiment!

Then everything goes in the box. I use recycled packing paper/newsprint to cushion any extra space. The key is that once you close up the box and shake it, you shouldn't be able to feel anything slide around. Nice and snug is the name of the game. 

Close it up, tape it up tight and add an address label. (I like to hand write mine and add little details like rounded corners and fun drawings.)

And you're done! 

Sheesh. I hope that wasn't completely boring for you guys. Are you sending out presents soon? Or is your family close by? You lucky duck! I still have to do some shopping. I know, I'm cutting it close. 

Wanna find one of these sweet Christmas packages from AisletoAloha Studio at YOUR front door? Order any of the colorful, modern paintings in my shop and get FREE gift wrapping! Or work with me on a custom painting designed just for you! Remember to order by December 15th for guaranteed Christmas delivery!


  1. When we got your paintings in the mail, we were so impressed with the wrapping of the pictures and the card! It was so impressive and showed how much you really cared!

  2. REALLY impressive packaging! I love the washi tape too! This looks amazing! :)

  3. It looks great!! It's so pretty and cheerful.

  4. such great packaging!!! and i love the new look of the blog! =)

  5. I love your attention to detail!!

  6. so cute! makes me want to get a package from you ;)

    love it & love your gorgeous paintings!


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