Friday, December 3, 2010

A Makeover for My Blog! {and some random blurbs}

Aloha friends! Whatcha think of my blog makeover? I loved my old one, but was ready for some change and wanted something light, airy and open. Lauren over at Designer Blogs did a fabulous job taking my vague inspiration and running with it! I love working with other creative people. I may be able to wield a paint brush, but I'm useless when it comes to HTML.

Now for a little tour around the place. The navigation bar is still up there. You'll find a page dedicated to my Etsy shop, recent features, how to contact me and more. If you're loving this new blog look, you might think about sponsorship for your shop or blog, so be sure to check out that page.

I also have handy new networking buttons. You'll find easy access to my email, Etsy shop, twitter and facebook through those bars on the right.

Lauren designed a blog button for me too! Grab one for your blog if you want to show off that you read Aisle to Aloha!

And finally, don't neglect to scroll aaaaall the way to the bottom. Go ahead. I'll wait while you check it out. ... Cute, huh? I knew I wanted to incorporate my paintbrush photo (which inspired this color scheme) and Lauren had the idea of doing a fun tag line with it. I found the quote by Picasso and knew it was perfect. I love how it combines my love for painting and for blogging!

" Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" -Pablo Picasso

In other news....

I got a Droid Incredible this week! My very first smart phone! Chris' phone broke unexpectedly and so we got a new phone for me and he's using my old "stupid" phone until his upgrade is up in a few weeks. So, be prepared for more tweeting on the go and random photo sharing. (Be sure to follow me on twitter!)

We had a nice surprise on Thanksgiving Day. We were featured on the front page of! Did you see our cute mugs? The article from was featured and they used our faces. So fun to see ourselves on such a huge website and have random friends telling me they saw it.

Today is the last day of my 10% off sale! If you are thinking of buying a painting for yourself or a loved one for Christmas, jump on it now! Enter the code ALOHA10 at the checkout for your discount. I just ordered some pretty packaging supplies for Christmas deliveries and I want to use them!! :)

Remember how our camera broke last week? SAD. Best Buy called yesterday and said they can't fix it so they are giving us store credit. That'd be great but I don't think they have the model we owned (and loved) so we'll have to go through the camera choosing rigamarole again. Any suggestions for cameras under $300? We are partial to Canon so we'll probably go with something from them.

(I've never written this many words without a picture. Here's a fun one from our family's visit this week. More to come next week)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are excited to be attending the Weekend to Remember marriage conference this weekend (with a ship Christmas party thrown in there too).

Got any big plans??


  1. Arrived here via the forums. Of of course I have no idea what your blog looked liked before but it looks fabulous now! Light and airy and great colours... and the colour of that sea looks pretty inviting too!

  2. I love your new design, looks awesome! I really need one too, I'll have to check out Designer Blogs! Sorry your camera broke, the canon Rebel is a great camera, but it might be more than you want to spend. So have you ran out of picture space yet with blogger? I am having to use three different email accounts to store pictures, so lame! Well thats so I can keep it free, i guess I could start paying for space. Great picture of you and chris!

  3. I love that picture... SO beautiful!!! Can't wait to go to Hawaii! :]

  4. The new blog design looks great! I love the colors and the simplicity of it. I really loved your old one too, though! And the setting of that picture is gorgeous!

  5. I liked your old one too, but this looks great!! She did a wonderful job. It looks very "Island-y" which suits it perfectly!!

    Have a great Weekend!

  6. I LOVE it!!!! It is so airy and fresh!!! The quote at the bottom is so true and I love the photo!!!
    I am so jealous of you!!! You look so relaxed and warm in that photo! I am freezing cold and bundled in layers! :)
    HAve a happy day friend!!!!!!

  7. wow, your blog looks gorgeous!! I didn't see it before the makeover, but I love it now!

    I found you on the etsy forum, I'm your newest follower :)

  8. Yay for a smart phone!!! : )

    And, could that picture be any more gorgeous?!? Oh, how I love Hawaii!

  9. Your blog looks beautiful! CONGRATS on the AOL feature. How fun! =)

    Was that photo taken at the sandbar in the middle of Kaneohe Bay? I went there for the first time last Friday! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. gorgeous pics - and all of it looks so good here, friend!

  11. Hey Lindsay! Your blog looks just perfect. I love it! :)

  12. i <3 the new look! very cute! and the fonts are hot!! :)


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