Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Want Stuff.

 I have a confession to make. Lately, I've been really struggling with a desire for more stuff. The blogging and Etsy world is a fabulous place to be but I am falling subject to an ugly case of materialism. Every blog I read has beautiful pictures of fabulous clothes, shoes, art, jewelry, whatever. There are giveaways with fabulous prizes everywhere. My list of favorites is filling up with things I want, need, gotta have and so are my thoughts. 

Chris and I had a very serious discussion about this a few nights ago and I am just starting to see the ugliness of this "gotta have it" attitude. I'd love to blame YOU--my fellow bloggers and handmade shop owners for posting such beautiful things and making fabulous things, but the fault lies in me. :)

It's a focus thing. My focus is on what I don't have. I'm focused on what my house looks like (or doesn't look like), on the things I don't have and when I can get them. On what others have and how I can look like that. 

My focus should be on Christ. The beautiful gift He's given me of His love, forgiveness and grace. On my family, my sweet husband and the gift he is to me. When I complain about not having this or that, I don't realize how my constant pining leaves him feeling inadequate as the provider of our household. 

So, I'm working on re-aligning my focus. I'd love to post a Christmas wish list because there are many lovely things I WANT but that would be a bit counter-intuitive right now. :) Instead, I'm choosing to focus on the things I do have, the blessings in my life. And there are many, let me tell ya.

(stay tuned later today for my post about my sweet package from my Cold Hands, Warm Heart swap partner, Piper!)


  1. lindsay! i've been thinking this same thing lately! i love being in the blog world. meeting new people. getting crafy ideas. but it does kind of make me want many things that i don't need. thanks for this post!

  2. lindsay, this is so me. such an honest post. i also get caught up in wanting stuff and it can really harm your mindset. what a good reminder to keep our focus on Christ and our blessings. thanks for sharing.


  3. Great reminder Lindsay, especially with the Holidays. It's so easy to get wrapped up in stuff, it's everywhere and there is always something to buy. I have this same problem and it feel so good to realign priorities. It also relieves so much pressure! Thank you for such a great word today!

  4. Wonderful post Lindsay! I have been feeling the same way. While shopping for Christmas gifts I see so many things that I want, and it makes me feel greedy and kind of yucky. All this want, want, want!!!! My husband & I are making a real effort to cut back on the materialism this Christmas...all the way around! Thanks for this post :)

  5. I love this post and so agree with you! It is so hard not to want everything you see posted. And Etsy? Oh my. I could get lost there for days and days and days. Great reminder...thanks!!!

  6. Are you reading my mind? :) Seriously, I love the blogworld, but all these fabulous fashionistas and crafters have given me a serious case of the "I-wish-I-hads." Then I look around and see all I have, and I realize how self-centered I've become. Your post is a great wake-up call, especially with the holidays here!

  7. We all get sucked in from time to time but the Word is always good to bring your focus back to Him.


  8. Your words are so true Lindsay, the 'I want, I want, I think I need'..can become truly consuming when we see and are surrounded by the new, beautiful or even 'practical' things of this world. It is something we (I think of us women in particular) must watch for and tame within ourselves or before we realize it,it can grow into covetousness. Thank you Lindsay for your honesty, what a perfect lesson now as we head into Christmas to keep a close watch on ourselves so that the focus stays off of us...and onto HIM.

  9. Things rings so true with me. You've put into words what I haven't been able to. Thanks for being so honest!


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