Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Etsy Love: tru.che

Yesterday I created an Etsy account for Chris so he can do some last minute shopping for me. And while I was on his account, I just *happened* to be browsing around and added a few items to his favorites to serve as a little wish list. ;)

While browsing, I stumbled upon the lovely shop, tru.che. Stevie is the artist and makes all sorts of lovely silver things. I just had to show you her "i heart..." necklace line. 

"Wear your love", she says. Do you love Italy? Canada? ( Who knew it was shaped so funny? Not me.) Australia? 

(Aloha to all my international buds!)

How about Florida or Texas? Or almost any other US state (besides Hawaii and Maryland, how sad).

I think these stud earrings are adorable. Linen textured hearts and wood grain rounds. 

Still buying Christmas presents? All done and sipping hot cocoa? Working on the gift wrapping? 

(Um, am I the only one still shopping??)

Speaking of Christmas shopping... Today is the last day to order paintings from my shop for Christmas delivery! I'd love to make a few more sales this week and I bet you can find some awesome ideas in my shop for those last few people on your list. 

Get 10% off now through Christmas Day with the code "CHRISTMAS10"!


  1. I love those necklaces... I thought about getting the FL one now that I no longer live there. But then I always say that I hate FL so much that it seemed silly ;]
    Good luck finishing your shopping!! I still have my little brother and least favorites to shop for.

  2. Nope, you are not the only one still shopping / trying to finish making all of your Christmas gifts. I am horribly behind!

  3. Oh those are adorable! I'm from Illinois and I was looking for an Illinois charm to go with a sorority lavaliere that I want to buy since the company that I want to buy it from doesn't sell Illinois. The nerve! Thanks for the tip on tru.che!

  4. Have you checked out She has Maryland and Hawaii.

    We haven't even started our Christmas shopping so that is what we are doing this weekend along with getting ready for company.

  5. What a lovely new shop I just found! Thank you! Great Blog BTW!!


  6. these are wonderful. and guess what? i only have like THREE christmas presents. THREE. oh my word. i have got to get busy.

  7. the necklaces with the hearts are amazing! thank you for sharing!!


  8. Thanks so much for featuring us! I can make Maryland or Hawaii too! :) Just didn't get a chance to put them up in the shop yet.


  9. Hey Lindsay! I've never left a comment before even though I frequently peek in on your blog. :) I love this etsy shop! I was about to tell you she can do a custom order but she beat me to it! Maybe I'll see if she can do an i heart Okinawa sometime. I bet other ppl here would love it too!


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