Friday, December 17, 2010

Consider Our Halls Decked.

 I don't know what it is this year, but I am seriously lacking on the Christmas spirit. Maybe it's because things have been so rushed and busy this year, or the fact that I'm bummed we're not heading home to see family for the holidays. In an effort to rejuvenate that Christmas cheer, I thought I'd share our holiday decor with you.

I think my dining room tablescape is my favorite part of the house this year. I filled a trifle dish with some red and green ornaments, scattered some red, green and blue votive holders and plopped down a cheerful poinsettia plant on our cream colored runner. So easy and so pretty!

Here's our tree -- complete with lots of needles on my burlap tree skirt. I think we picked a sick one this year. Oh well. 

I'm definitely not a matchy tree person. You will never find me with a tree that has all white ornaments and white lights. Bring on the Elmer's glued, handmade ornaments, the ornaments associated with memories from years past.

Is it just me or do you get a little giddy too when you carefully unwrap each ornament and savor the memories attached as you find the perfect branch for it?

These are my three favorite ornaments. This paper crane is from our visit in Japan during Chris' deployment last March. The bright colors make me happy and I love the sweet memories it brings back of that reunion we got to enjoy.

I love our sand dollar ornament from our trip to Kauai last December. Reminds me of our crazy backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail and the great respite we enjoyed in a B&B in Hanalei. 

And this ornament is one of a few that Chris' parents gave us from a trip they took to China. Love the colors on this one too!

I don't love our stockings but since we've only used them for one year, I figured we should get at least another year out of them before I buy some awesome ones off of Etsy next year.

I updated my DIY yarn wreath for a more festive look! Love this argyle sweater look and it was super easy to achieve. I just cut diamond shapes out of felt sheets, pinned them to the styrofoam wreath (this way, I can keep updating the wreath with the seasons. You could also use craft glue if you want a more permanent solution.), and then wrapped it with some yarn for that argyle motif. I used the same burlap hanger as last time!

So there ya go. Feeling jolly now? How's your holiday decorating coming? Any awesome ideas you wanna share? 

Have a beautiful weekend and stay safe if you're traveling! 

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  1. Looks GREAT! I have been collecting ornaments since the day I was born, and I love taking each one out and remembering who gave it to me, or when I got it. My grandma is huge into the Hallmark keepsakes and the year I was born tey started a dollhouse collection. This year, when I opened a package and found #27 in there, it was priceless!

  2. Great Christmas decor! I'm the same way with the ornaments--we add a new one each year that reflects a trip or a big event. Unwrapping them is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season!

  3. I love your wreath and the decorations on your table! Our tree is also filled with sentimental and handmade ornaments. I love it that way. Most of them were given to us by my mom or my MIL, and then we have collected a few over the years.

  4. i love your wreathe! what a great and easy idea. so creative!

  5. I love your wreath! It's hard to learn how to have Christmas as an adult/without family isn't it? I'm struggling with that too. We'll make it girlie!

  6. Cute! I too love all the different ornaments that tell a story, nothing better.

  7. beautiful decorations my dear!!!

  8. Looking fabulous! I love the colors you used and that unique wreath! Nice job! :)


    p.s. I have a little giveaway over at

  9. I love the argyle wreath! Cute, cute!

  10. I saw this blog post and thought of you. I would love to try it if I didn't have 2 little ones that take up all of my time and hands. :) Oh and the fact that I probably wouldn't find a wreath anywhere on Okinawa! Haha.

  11. What lovely decorations! I love your darling wreath!


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