Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aloha from a Sponsor: Pretty Things By Meg

I'm excited to introduce Aisle to Aloha's newest sponsor to you today! Pretty Things By Meg is an adorable Etsy shop with all sorts of colorful baubles.

My favorite creations in her shop are these ruffle necklaces. How sweet! Love all the beautiful color choices she offers. I'm especially a sucker for gray and mustard yellow lately! 

Keep reading to find out more about sweet Megan and her fabulous shop

What are three things my readers should know about you?

 I love the Lord, i enjoy music immensely and i love food (eating it and making it) :)

You make some really fabulous jewelry pieces. How long have you been making jewelry and how did you get started?

I've been making jewelry for just over two years now. at the time i had a job that was devoid of any opportunity for creativity, and i was dying to create. i've always been an accessories girl and especially love earrings. i often had a hard time finding unique earrings in colors that i wear (i LOVE color) and i figured i could teach myself, so i gave it a go. i was surprisingly happy with the pieces i was creating and thought it would be a fun challenge to open a shop on etsy - i figured i had nothing to lose!

Do you really play the ukulele? If so, you are even awesomer (that's a word) than I thought. What's your favorite song to play?

Don't ask my hubby about this one, he's always giving me crap about it! he gave me a ukulele as a gift last Christmas. i'd been wanting to learn and was hoping it would inspire me to start writing music again. i used to play guitar and so i had a bit of a head start & i figured it would be easier since it only has four strings and is so itty bitty. to be honest with you, the only song i've taught myself is the classic ukulele tune "somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world" & that was in the first week i got it! unfortunately the cute little guy has been rather neglected since then because it's just so hard for me to carve out time for him! my hubby is an amazing musician and can pretty much play any instrument he picks up, so i'm going to have him start teaching me weekly lessons come the new year (my first new years' resolution!) :) 

If you had a snow day to do anything you want, what would you do all day? 

Oh, how i miss snow days!!! all of the schools in our area had two of them at the beginning of this week and i was sooo jealous! (the fact that i can walk to work means a snow day is out of the question). a snow day for me would look something like this ::
i'd make my hubby and i's favorite breakfast :: huevos rancheros (we ate it every day on our mexican honeymoon). then i would most likely work on my shop since i don't usually get to on weekdays (i work full-time). i'd make jewelry, take photos, list new items... and i would love every second of it! hubby would probably work on one of his many guitar-building projects and at some point, we would take a break and he and i would snuggle up and watch a movie. and if it wasn't tooo cold out (like it's been this week), we'd find a good sledding hill :) 

Isn't she adorable?? Love her! :) In addition to the beautiful jewelry in her shop, make sure you check out Megan's super cute blog and follow her on twitter too! 

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Have a fabulous day, friends! 


  1. I love Meg's pretty things! Her falling leaves earrings are my fave.

  2. Meg's things are gorgeous! I have a pair of her earrings that I get compliments on all the time :-)

  3. J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

    - Daniel


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