Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Studio to Home ( er... Studio): Sarah's Gallery Wall

I love seeing where my paintings find new homes after they leave my hands. In this second edition of Studio to Home, we're visiting Sarah's studio. Sarah is the artist behind Dodeline Design, a whimsical and modern stationary line. She's also a sweet Etsy/Twitter buddy of mine and she's as sweet as can be.

She bought my Mod Pods painting (above) a few weeks ago and sent these pictures over the other day.

Don't you love her eclectic gallery wall? 

Her boyfriend's mom found that lovely vintage chair on the side of the road! And she made that cork inspiration board on the wall! 

Thanks for sharing your space Sarah! Glad you love your painting! 

Looking for a fabulous painting to brighten up your walls? Visit my shop! My paintings also make great gifts for the holidays coming up. :)


  1. Your painting fits in perfectly :)

  2. I love what she did with it! I'm always chicken when it comes to going eclectic... I never know if I'm doing it right :)

  3. Thanks for the post! I'm so glad we "met" - it's amazing how you can make friends with someone halfway across the world :-)

  4. How fun! It's always great to see where our treasures end up. I know I love it when I see things I've given as gifts getting used. Her wall looks great and that chair...what a find!


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