Thursday, December 2, 2010

Repurposing Canvases into Cork Boards

Remember the cork boards I showed you in my studio tour a few weeks ago? They were really simple to make and I love how they turned out. 

I made them from... duh--canvases! I had these two long canvases that I had bought for super cheap (I think $3 maybe because they were a little bent.) Since I wouldn't sell them bent and didn't need any new paintings for the house, I decided to use them to make some inspiration boards for the studio. 

I used two 12x48 canvases, 8 cork tiles (I bought them at Walmart) and 16 clear push pins. I didn't want to ruin the canvases in case I wanted to re-use them later on, so I used the push pins to attach the cork tiles on the edge of the wooden canvas frames. 

So easy. I hung them up with my handy dandy 3M velcro strips. Of course, you could cover them in any fabric of your choice and I might do that later on, but I think the warm texture of the cork for now. 

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  1. i LOVE the cork boards - but im esp loveing the new look of your blog, girl!!!

  2. Be still my heart. I love making new things out of old things! Just shared your project on my blog!

  3. Love the cork boards, and the blog redesign is AWESOME! It looks fantastic... I love it!


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