Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspire Me Monday: Sawhorse Studios & Sponsors!

I am LOVING these studios and home offices with sawhorse tables. I don't know why I love this table so much but I do. I love the "lived in/worked in" look of most of these spaces and the industrial edge of the table.

I'm also really digging the light in these spaces. (They also make me glad I kept our walls white!) I'm so thankful that my "studio"(aka extra bedroom) gets great afternoon light. 

Sources: one, two three, four , five

Also, check out this post on Whole Lotta Lovely blog. I didn't have time to search for those images and couldn't pull them off her site, but I am absolutely SWOONING over these studios. Especially the very last one with the teal rug and twin orange chairs.

Guess what guys? This is one Inspire Me Monday that is coming to life! After church yesterday, Chris and I bought all the wood we need to build my very own sawhorse table for my studio! We'll be going off this tutorial which looks pretty simple. I can't wait for that huge space to spread all my paints and canvases out on. And I can't wait to "dirty" it up with all my paint splatters!

Okay, interrupting your normally scheduled "Inspire Me Monday" post for some fun ( in my opinion) announcements!

First up--sponsors! Aisle to Aloha is now accepting indie/handmade shops and blogs as sponsors! I'm really excited for the chance partner with some amazing shops and blogs and bring you fantastic ideas for your holiday shopping. If you are interested in advertising your beautiful handmade shop or your sweet blog and partnering with yours truly, click here or scroll up to the top of the blog to check out the sponsorship page on the nav bar.

Also, I'll be offering gift certificates in the shop starting this week. I haven't got them up in the shop yet, but just wanted to get those wheels of yours turning when you're thinking about holiday gifts. Gift certificates to Aisle to Aloha Studio will be available in many different increments, never expire and are perfect for that art lover, home decorator or soon to be mama on your list! :)

Have a fab Monday amigas!

PS. My shop is featured on Kim's blog, Yellow Songbird, today! Stop by and leave some love! :)


  1. I love the bright floral rug in the fourth picture! So bright and cheerful!

  2. It is such a marvel to me that these sorts of pictures can be so "cluttered" but yet look so clean and not cluttered. I have clutter and it looks like clutter!

  3. Lovely rooms and that rug is gorgeous!

  4. love love LOVE that room w/ the yellow fireplace!!

  5. I officially want to go home and redecorate something. Love it!

  6. I wish I had a creative space as lovely and functional as those - gives me something to plan for in the future!


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