Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fresh Paint: Bikes & Boats & Waves

If you follow me on twitter or are a fan of my Facebook Fan page, you probably saw that I listed these new paintings the other day. 

I love my red and aqua bike painting, so I thought I'd paint a smaller version in a yummy shade of gray. I am LOVING gray lately. 

This one is called "Cruisin' in the Rain".  It's a 12x12 canvas in a steel gray with a bright white bike. 

I created a mini version of The Wave, basically the same as the one I gave away in September. I know a lot of people like the wave so I thought I'd give some wider price/size points on this one. The "Mini Wave" is a 9x12 canvas. 

I also finished up my last custom order on my queue this week. (My custom queue is now WIDE open! Order your custom painting today and get it in time for the holiday season!)

Elizabeth saw my sailboats that I painted for my friends' baby Joel and was inspired for her own living room! So I whipped up these babies. We added some red in there too. They got a nice fresh coat of glossy varnish today and are headed out in the mail on Friday (whoops, forgot that the Post Office is closed today!)

(I also made some headbands for my nieces this week. I only got this three finished before my tube of glue EXPLODED.)

Happy Veteran's Day! Thankful for all the men and women that serve and have served our country so that we have the freedoms we have. 



  1. The girlies are gonna LOVE these Auntie LuLu head bands! Adorable!

  2. I love the bike painting. It's my favorite!

  3. I love the fresh look of your blog.
    Happy Veterans Day!

  4. Love the wave picure! So fresh looking and happy!!

  5. I loooove gray right now, too. I'm thinking of painting my bedroom gray this weekend. We'll see if that actually happens!

  6. I'm totally enamored with the wave!! SO cool!

  7. Oh, I have a major obsession with bicycles. {you may have noticed if you've been to my blog} I love it!

  8. Just stumbled across your blog... :)
    LOVE that little gray cruiser painting!

  9. I will take one of each, please! hehe. They look WONDERFUL! You are so talented! And those headbands are just oh-so-sweet!


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