Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do You Send Them?

I'm really excited to do Christmas cards this year. Last year, Chris was working seven days a week up until Christmas time so things were crazy and we never got around to it. This year, we'll be licking those stamps and sending our cute faces across the world to friends and family. 

We'll be getting 50 free cards from Shutterfly and you can too if you are a blogger! Just go here and sign up!

I'm really amazed by the fabulous selection on Shutterfly. These are my faves. 

I think the last one is my favorite and then I don't have to write out a long letter! Two in one--woo! I always like Christmas cards with letters or updates with them. 

While cruising around on Shutterfly, I realized we probably need a new calendar soon too! (I'm SO over our 89 cent one from Wally World.) And check out these gift tags! So cute! 

So, do you do Christmas cards? Are you going to this year? Do yours end up becoming "Valentine's Day" cards? :) 


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks so much for posting this - I had no idea about the promo!

    I do send out Christmas cards, and really started because we lived so far away from our families. I usually sent them using Shutterfly anyway, so getting them free this year is awesome!

  2. Yes...I do every year and I love receiving them too...though it seems like less and less people send them nowadays.

    There's something personal about getting that card in the mail...especially the ones with pictures and a quick little handwritten note.

    Those cards from Shutterfly are great!!

  3. If I had chillins (kiddos) I might be sending xmas cards. :) which is to say, i wont be this year. maybe someday!

  4. L! Your fav is our fav, too! We ordered the "top ten" ones and they're on their way to our house. I'll have to get your address and send you one! : )


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