Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ceiling Medallions on My Wall

It's not often that my Inspire Me Mondays come to life in this house! I wrote about my love for ceiling medallions as wall art in this post and today I'm showing you my very own ceiling medallions now gracing our dining room nook.

I bought my medallions at both CSN.com and ceilingmedallions.net. I bought one medallion from CSN.com as part of my review (which I'll be writing up soon), and four others from ceilingmedallions.net. Ceilingmedallions.net was way cheaper and had a really good range of choices so I'd definitely recommend them. CSN.com, while super easy to navigate and fast on the shipping was just a whole lot more expensive. 

So, I don't have before pictures for you but I think you can imagine them white. :) 

I wanted to do some varying shades of yellow per this image. I already had Sunburst by Behr from my yellow bench, so I decided to mix it up with white. I started with a lot of white and just added a few drops of yellow. I wanted to do the lightest shades first so I could just add more yellow as I went instead of being all over the place. I used a small Purdy paintbrush to get into all the nooks and crannies. 

Here's the progression. 

I love it! Do you?

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  1. oh! these are soo super fun and cute!! i love how you varied the shades!! CSN has sooooo much stuff!!

  2. super cute lindsay! i love the colors your chose... one of my favorites right now!
    great job!

  3. Super cute! Love how you painted them too!

  4. Great job, those look awesome in your dining room! Loved the idea when you posted it and I love seeing how you made it happen!

  5. I love them! They turned out great. The light over your table....Ikea?

  6. Oh, they turned out great! You know what I'm most impressed with, though? You took your inspiration and ran with it~ so many people just leave the inspiration as inspiration. You actually did it! Awesome!

  7. I have never seen this or thought of this! What a clever idea!! I absolutely love it!


  8. They look fabulous!!!

    I might have to "steal" this idea for my stairway wall.

    You did a great job!!

  9. They look great!!! I love the yellow! You are such and inspiration -what you see in the magazines can be done! Just have to put a little grease into it :) Good job!

  10. Oh! I DO love it! And the progression pics are great. Where did you end up getting your medallions?

  11. I was just searching for wall decor and I found the same link that you found! (I'm new to your blog and I love it all!) I know this post is over a year late but better late than never!

    How did you attach them to the wall? I rent so I can't drill them into the wall... any suggestions?

  12. I had the same question. How did you mount?


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