Wednesday, November 17, 2010

aPearantly Sew Giveaway!

 Can I just say right now, that I love the handmade community? Since I've opened my Etsy shop, I've 'met' so many amazing cyber friends. One of these amazing friends is Alison, the artist behind the blog and shop,  aPearantly Sew.

Yeah, I know, adorable name. And equally adorable stuff! Here's a glimpse at the beauties in her Big Cartel shop. I wish I had a fraction of the sewing talent that this woman possesses!

Ah, I love it all! Even though I just bought new stockings last year, I'm so tempted to snag a pair from her shop! 

Alison made something special just for my readers! One of you darling people gets to win this beautiful wristlet clutch! Don't you love the yellow and gray?? This wristlet clutch is about 9.5x7.5 and is made with lots of love. It's perfect for a date night with your man or a night on the town with girlfriends. 

Wanna win??

1. To enter, you must be a follower of AisletoAloha using the Google Friend Connect feature (Click the "follow" button on the right side bar.) Leave a comment on this post telling me two random facts about yourself. 

**Additional entries**

2. If you blog about the giveaway, come back and leave a second comment/entry. 

3. If you tweet about the giveaway, leave a third entry. 

4. If you follow Alison's blog, aPearantly Sew leave a fourth entry. 

**Please make sure I have an email contact for you or your entry is invalid! If you have won a giveaway on AisletoAloha, you are not eligible to enter. **

So, you have the potential to enter four times. 

The giveaway will be open until next Monday, November 22nd. I'll choose the winner using and announce it on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Can't wait to hear lots of fun facts about my awesome readers. Have a fabulous day!


  1. i'm so excited!!! alison is one of my dearest friends:)) i totally followed and mmmmm.....2 random things about me....

    1.i like to get up at 5am...everyday!

    2. one of my all time favorite movies is mean girls...i know right?

  2. That is really adorable!

    1. I am just now reading the twilight series and am loving them, totally all about Edward!

    2. I love really hot showers, like hot to the point of looking like a lobster when I'm done!

  3. Just became a follower of aPearently Sew! thats two for me! heading over to twitter right now!

  4. Okay, just tweeted about it, so thats three for me! I am such a sucker for cute new bag!

  5. 1. I am Lindsay's second cousin!

    2. I am 5 months pregnant and loving it!

  6. I just signed up to follow you! =)

    1. I have six tattoos
    2. I have seen Good Charlotte in concert at least 20 times.

  7. I also just tweeted about this entry on twitter. such a cute bag! =)

  8. I'm a follower!

    1. I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts.

    2. I read magazines cover to cover, the same way a book is read.

  9. 1. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom at the age of 23.

    2. I LOOOVE food right now because I'm 3 months pregnant with my second!

  10. Following aPearently Sew now, which I'm totally glad because I think it's neat to read about other Stay at home moms! =) Thanks!

  11. haha, I LOVE that. I'm shopping for a dress for my husband's holiday party (cocktail attire) and have a yellow dress in mind that would look PERFECT with that clutch!

    * I can't stand the smell of milk. Especially if it's what's remaining from a bowl of cereal (GAG!)

    * I'm in denial about my baby groaning. She's 8 oaths old, and she's gonna stay like this forever... FOREVERRRR!!!!

  12. Oh, lovely.
    I am a follower already :)

    Random fact: I grew up in Germany and live in California now :)

  13. i loveeeee the bag she made for the giveaway! love love love it!! :)

    Random fact #1 - i have a far sighted eye and a near sighted eye

    Random fact #2 - I'm obsessed with matching my oufits!


  14. tweet a leet!!!!!!!/sandyalamode/status/4967819187855360

  15. I follow via GFC and here are my random facts:
    1. I'm terrified of elephants. Terrified is an understatement.
    2. Everytime I eat or drink citrus, my tongue swells up.


  16. I have you on Friend Connect and...
    1~ I can crack my toes but not my knuckles.
    2~ Caffeine doesn't seem to help wake me up but I drink coffee religiously every morning. =)

  17. I'm following aPearantly Sew's blog too!

  18. Random fact 1: I am obsessed with guacamole.

    Random fact 2: I've been a vegetarian since the age of 7.

  19. Count me in! I am a follower. And two things...

    1. I love mint oreos.

    2. I could live in Hawaii forever.


  20. Have I ever mentioned grey and yellow is my FAVORITE color combo? I'm dying for a place of my own so I can have a room in those colors!

    I guess those are two random facts, but kind of lame, so here's two more:

    1. I grew 2 inches in college (pretty unusual for girls to grow once they hit puberty)
    2. I'm not entirely convinced that dinosaurs were really as large as claimed. "But there are bones!" Yea, I know. Still not convinced.

  21. I love Aisle To Aloha and I already follow :)

    1. I am mum to two kittehs

    2. I am going to Bali next year on Holiday

  22. Yay for fun giveaways!

    1. I dunk my cookies in water instead of milk.

    2. We just got our first dog. :)

  23. Proud follower!
    Random fact 1: I played oboe in middle school and high school band.
    Random fact 2: I love recycling and therefore sometimes have a hard time throwing things away.

  24. Pretty!

    1. I love brussels sprouts.

    2. I'm terrified of ostriches.

  25. looooove her stuff!!

    1. I love sleeping late!
    2. I hate chinese food!

  26. 2 random facts about me

    1. I am loving the chocolate covered Ritz crackers and will be stocking up befor ethey disappear after the holidays
    2. I am a fanatic about turning everything off/unplugging before I leave the house.

    Thanks! Love your blog!

  27. I'm a follower.. woohoo!

    And... hmm...
    I hate the font Papyrus.
    I am in love with the trendy gray and yellow combination.

    Here's hoping I'll win!! :-D

  28. I am a follower and looove this purse =) 2 Random Facts:
    1. I used to host a trivia night at our campus bar.
    2. I've lived on both coasts of Canada!

  29. Definitely tweeted about it too. And although I want people to see it and enter, I'm a little concerned it could ruin my chances! tee hee ;) (just kidding!)

  30. Oooh, awesome giveaway! And I almost missed it! I need to get caught up on my google reader, haha!

    Two random facts...
    I buy way too much yarn (hahaha but I love it!), and I collect sheep! One day it will be real sheep... haha.

  31. 2 facts:
    I was born on leap day (Feb 29) & i uh, um... am a HUGE Auburn fan.

  32. I ADORE aPearantly Sew! And Alison is a sweetie. And I'm your newest follower :]

    1] My nervous habit is nail biting.

    2] I met my husband at ballroom dance class.

  33. Already follow Alison :]

  34. So two random things...

    1. I am obsessed with japanese dumplings. I eat and cook them more than is healthy.

    2. I creep on your blog all the time cause you have the cutest, most brilliantly artistic stuff on here ... yet I never leave comments, sorry :(

  35. I follow you!!

    1. I love football probably more than my husband does!!

    2. I love, with a passion, wheat thins and cracker barrel cheese! I can't stop myself, it's so good!

  36. I just became a follower of Apearently Sew!

    1. I refuse to move away from the elevator door and if too many people get in...well...I get out and take the stairs!

    2. I'm addicted to Dog the Bounty Hunter...(all thanks to you my dear!)


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