Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tamale Time Machine

 I was looking through old pictures on my Facebook last night and took a virtual trip back in time two years. In 2008, I spent several months in Acapulco, Mexico on a missions internship with Mission to the World. I told you a little bit about it here when I told you our proposal story (which is pretty awesome--you should read it.) I thought I'd share some more about my time in Mexico.

I lived in an apartment in the back of an orphanage, Casa Hogar, and during the days, I worked at a street kid center, Sobre El Puente. 

The months that I lived in Acapulco were some of the hardest of my life. I missed home terribly. I missed Chris so much. I was lonely and countless tears poured down my cheeks in those months. And I have to admit that I that homesickness hindered me in fully engaging in my time there. 

But they were also some of the most rewarding months of my life. I spoke Spanish 99% of the time. I was once asked by a cab driver where in Mexico I grew up (um, amazing compliment!). I got to love on kids that had been abused and abandoned and share the deep love of Jesus with them. I worked with sweet Mexican women in the kitchen and learned how to make tamales from scratch. My heart still melts when I look at these pictures.

 Carlos was thirteen years old when I was in Acapulco. He had been on the streets since he was six years old, doing drugs and prostituting himself. Every afternoon at the center, we would have homework hour. During that hour each day, I had the privilege of helping Carlos learn to read. I cannot express how amazing it was when he would exclaim with joy as he read his first words! 

When I left, I gave him my Spanish Bible, complete with highlighted verses for him to read and a promise that he would keep learning. 

I also got to paint a funky mural for the center. That was fun. 

[PS. Did you notice my new pages up top? Check them out if you please!]


  1. What a great post, thanks for sharing! It brings up Mexico memories for me too, ones I will always cherish!

  2. I recently went to mexico on vacation for the first time and was struck but the amazing amounts of poverty there. Looks like you were able to do some amazing work while you were there.

  3. Great post! It was such a joy for Drew and me to pray for you while you were there. God really used you and your love was felt by many! :)

  4. So awesome! Do you have any contact with any of the kids now?

    Read your engagement stinkin' cute! I love that he thought to have someone take pictures. What a sweetie.

  5. Aw, girl. This was a great post! You do sort of look hispanic!

    And you speak Spanish?!?

    I love it!!! Even more reason why we should hang out in that great state of yours. : D


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