Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keeping Our White IKEA Slipcover Clean

I thought I'd share with you how things have been working out with our bright white slipcover since we switched up our living room last month. (Yeah, I know I still need a new tag line... still waiting for inspiration to strike on that one.) We haven't really had any problems with stains. We don't let the white couch interfere with our normal habits like eating on the couch or putting our feet up. Or wearing pink shirts and ninja headbands. 

We do have a problem with little bits of fuzz and hair making the couch look guh-ross. Here have a look for yourself. No, those aren't spots on your laptop screen. 

Here's the culprit. That blanket is so amazingly soft and just the perfect weight for snuggling, but geez louise! It sheds something awful. I suppose I could wash it but soft things always get un-soft when you wash them. So I refuse. 

Oh, also my head is the culprit. I'm a shedder. Double gross. 

Okay, everyone already probably knows this trick but I'm going to show you anyway. You could buy a lint roller for like $8 (I made that up, I don't know how much they are).  Or you could use a vacuum (ours was donated to us and doesn't have any attachments). I prefer the good ol' tape method. This is especially handy if you already have a dozen random rolls of clear plastic tape around the house. 

Create a loop for your hand to fit in, like so. (Notice how nice and clean.)

Rub the tape all over the couch. I used about 4 loops of tape for our whole couch. Isn't it satisfying seeing all the stuff that ISN'T on your couch anymore! 

Much better. 



  1. Beautiful ring! This post makes me thankful for my black leather couches. With four kids and a dog, i would need a Costco size box of clear tape! I love that you can have a white couch and it looks that good!

  2. nothing like tape to fix a fuzz problem! I've had to do that to our shirts and pants from time to time and honestly think it works better than a roller sometimes. Glad that white couch is passing the regular living test! :)

  3. We had to switch our white ikea slipcover for the bright blue one because of the amount of fuzz, hair (mine and the dogs) and all other gross things. Although you can find lint rollers for only $1 at ikea too, so that made it alot easier.

  4. Seriously, if only lint was my only problem.... we have beige couches and they are covered in spots and stains.


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