Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspire Me Monday: Pretty in Pink

Getting all dolled up for our Cirque du Soleil date last night  has got me feeling especially girly. So, some pink inspiration for you this morning.

I'm in love with Bertoia chairs. And I always fall for a good eclectic gallery wall.

(By the way, when asked what he thought about our new gallery wall, Chris laughed and said it looks like it has ADD. :) I took it as a compliment.)

This dresser is awesome. I think it would be fun to try to DIY that. Hmm, studio inspiration??

Love the nesting side tables, loove the lamps, not a huge fan of crocheted pillows, but it works here. 

Okay, maybe a little overboard on the cutesy here. But those stools are awesome and how many people own a pink fridge??

Charcoal and hot pink--amaazing color combo, especially in a luxurious bathroom. That chandy is just the icing on the cupcake! 

Would you (or do you) use pink in your home? 

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  1. Lindsay, you always find great stuff for your blog! Loving the pink theme, just gorgeous :-)

    And now I really really want a pink fridge. I'd also love an aqua one. I just love retro items!

  2. Um, I love the pink fridge.

    And, girl, you know I love me some pink in my home! It's all over the place! : )

  3. I just love the bathroom! I'm a huge fan of black and white with small touches of pink!

  4. That pink kitchen and fridge rocks!! So cute.

  5. When I first moved in with my husband we had two bathrooms. The building was from the 70's and the bathroom that I got to claim as mine was this awkward trifecta of 70's green. I got hot pink and bright green towels to go in there and fell in love every time I walked by!

    Now the only pink I have in my life is in the bedroom with sheets that go with the apartment.

  6. I've always wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show! It's definitely on my must-do list.
    Love all the pink, but I don't have any in my house.

  7. ya know I like pink a lot, but even though I have 2 girls, we have very little pink in our house. I do have a pink purse though, does that count?

  8. I was at a garage sale in Ewa Beach a couple weeks ago and I saw a set of chairs very similar to the first photo. But I had Nick with me... and while I love his voice of reason, I wish I would have bought just one! Oh well, more treasures to hunt for :)

  9. Not a big fan of pink, but I love the chandelier in the bathroom!

  10. I adore pink but I don't think my BF will allow too too much of it or frills in our home. I use red instead!


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