Wednesday, October 13, 2010

here and there: tidbits from the week

Lately, Chris and I have been trying to eat better. Especially when Chris is gone, I tend to make really awful choices for meals. Like Oreos for dinner. Yeah. 

So, I'm making an effort to make better choices about what goes in my body. Instead of Oreos and Oatmeal Cream Pies for snacks, I've got some cheese sticks and celery & peanut butter stocked up. And in the freezer, we have some salmon and tilapia filets that are super easy to just throw in the oven for dinner.

Tilapia Piccata is simply amazing. Well, anything from Rachael Ray is, I'd have to say. Lemon and garlic and parsley and capers...Mmmm.

We went out to Waikiki on Sunday night. I ate the best vodka pasta with shrimp. Sooo good. And got some really amazing blisters from walking around in those wedges. Not so good. 

Do you love Bananagrams? We do. Well, I don't know if Chris loves it so much anymore. I beat him twice in a row yesterday. :) 

The other day, I pinned my hair up for the first time in about a year and half. I used about 45 bobby pins but it was fun to wear a different style for the day. Wondering if I should grow my hair out again? Eh, probably not, I love my short hair. 

Chris and I sat down on Sunday and decided that we both need to and want to be reading the Word more. We've been letting it fall to the wayside lately and it's left both of us feeling empty. I've always been bad about putting aside time in the day to read the Bible. So we spent three hours on the back patio reading the Bible together on Sunday morning and praying and talking. It's been so good this week to have that time to read my Bible and listen to what God's got to say to me. 

What's going on with you this week?


  1. i always make bad food choices! it's something i'm working on now, too.

  2. Oh goodness, the things I eat when the hubs is gone! Really, it's the lack of schedule, so I don't eat lunch when I'm supposed to and then I eat around 3 in the afternoon, then I'm not hungry for dinner, so I don't eat until like 9! When it's all you, it's hard :(

    Cute hair! I love gettig to the place where I can pull it up... but shortly after I always get a cut.

  3. I know you have a great group of girl friends that you spend time with but do you have a good women's Bible Study? If not, BSF's study this year is Isaiah for the first time and it is a great study. Maybe you could look at see if there is a BSF study near you- it is a weekly commitment but it is totally worth it!

  4. You look super sexy and chic with your short hair! I love it! Also, I totally feel you on the lacking time with God. It's so vital to our existence yet it's so hard to make time for it - not good! Prayin' for ya'll!

  5. Loved your thoughts and pics. You are so clever with your words and photos. :) God has blessed you!


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