Friday, September 17, 2010

Two 'Before and Afters' for Ya.

Blogging is so weird from the Hawaii time zone. I usually set my posts to go live before I go to bed so that they are up at the start of the day on the mainland, where the majority of my readers are. (I also have regular readers in Japan, Okinawa, Germany, Morocco, Shanghai and Israel... hello out there!) But sometimes if inspiration for a post doesn't hit til the next morning, it's already afternoon on the East Coast and I notice a lot less traffic to the blog. Point is... I have no point. Just sayin'.

I've got two small projects to show you today. Such good reminders that a little paint or stain can go a long way to spruce up that 'blah' piece of furniture you have.

First up, Lil Patio Table. I've been meaning to spray paint this guy since... before I bought him at the Garden store. Finally got around to it a few weeks ago. Here's a really sad before (those are the best kind) of the grayish table in our way overgrown backyard back when Chris was deployed.

After a little spray paint action, a bright and cheery change. Woo. 

Now, for numero dos. Free BookShelf. Remember our abandoned house furniture? He's part of it. 

(I know you are asking yourself if I ever dusted that bookshelf. The answer is "no, not really." Yeah, gross. Can we still be friends??)

I slapped on some American Chestnut (Satin) Stain and voila! Much better! 

You may recognize the glossy loveliness from my Etsy pictures. But probably not, because you were so busy looking at my awesome paintings, right? ;) 

It's still sitting in the living room since we took those pictures, because I kind of like it there better. But I also like it in the guest room. I wish I had a Duplicator. 

Okay, two announcement/reminder things. 

1). Time is running out to donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Clinic. I'm at 18% of my goal. Thank you so much to those of you who have donated and are helping this precious ministry continue its work. Click here to learn more and donate. Tomorrow Chris and I will be going on a hike for our participation in the Walk and Run for Life! 

2). And much, much less importantly, are you following me on twitter? This is the only instance that I actually want people to follow me. Otherwise, it's creepy. So hop onboard. 

Have a faaabulous weekend, friends! 


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  2. Love looking at your before and after's! Your Etsy shop is great, love your work!! As soon as I get my downstairs finished, I want to order a set of paintings!!

  3. Love all your makeovers. I have quite a few to do myself!

  4. Hey! I'm guessing I'm your reader in Shanghai? (unless there are more of us out there!) Dustin's mom told me about your blog, and it's been great reading about someone else living far from home. Thanks for the inspiration! X


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