Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[over the weekend] Maui with the girls

Okay, Blogger decided to cooperate with me so I can get these Maui pictures up to show you! Six of us hopped on a plane over to our neighboring island on Friday afternoon. It's about a 40 minute ride (including take off and landing!). 

We rented this beautiful house in Lahaina, which is the historical whaling town in West Maui. The house was walking distance from Front Street, with lots of fun restaurants, shops and bars.

We drove up into the hills to a lavender farm. Despite some less than stellar customer service, we had fun frolicking through the fields in the cool air, checking out the crazy plants and flowers and sniffing lots and lots of lavender. Oh! And they had lavender scones! Deeelish.

Of course we hit the beach. Granted, we probably didn't spend a fraction of the time there that most Hawaii vacationers would. 

We saw some fishermen hauling in their catch of mahi-mahi. Scrumptious. 

Oh Hawaiian sunsets, how I love thee. 

Good weekend. Yep. How was yours?



  1. Oh wow, what gorgeous photos! Jealous! My weekend wasn't even a fraction as beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Maui was on the short list for a post-deployment vacation with my husband, but the Big Island was selected instead! So if you have any insight ont he Big Island send it my way :-)

  3. The pictures are beautiful!! Love the bee picture and the sunset shot!! What kind of camera and lens do you use most? I'm so jealous..I want to go to Hawaii so bad!!

  4. Beautiful pictures, that sunset is gorgeous!!!!! Looks like you had fun! Love picture number two and your sassy face!

  5. I've said it before but a. you are stunning, and b. I am so jealous of where you live.

    Your jaunt to Maui looked super fun!!

  6. The last photo is GORGEOUS! Gorgeous sunset, gorgeous women, gorgeous dresses.

    Is the pink, thorny looking plant above the photo of you on the beach the Silversword?


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