Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[over the weekend] Calling All Angels

 Growing up in Annapolis, Maryland, I looked forward to the last weekend of May each year as the whole county celebrated Commissioning Week at the Naval Academy. There was bound to be lots of traffic, midshipmen in the streets and of course, the Blue Angels! The Blue Angels are a team of F/A-18 Hornets that perform amazing acrobatic feats at speeds of up to 800 mph. Some years I'd skip school with my family to go sit in the fields at the Naval Academy to watch, some years I went on field trips with my class and other years I'd just watch with neck craned at recess as they zoomed over our school.

I was sad to miss them this past May but couldn't believe it when I saw a poster for the Kaneohe Bay AirShow on the Marine Corps Base here on Oahu. **Featuring the Blue Angels!!** 

I picked Chris up from duty on Saturday morning and we headed across the island in his Jeep to get there early. (Um, that thing is SLOW on H-3. I think every car passed us as we chugged up the highway. Ha.)

We stopped at my faaaavorite breakfast place on the windward side--Crepes No Ka 'Oi. If you are ever on the island, I will take you there. Mostly cuz I want to eat crepes. Also, we can hang out. 

When we got to the base, we set up our blanket under the tail section of a commercial airliner to get some shade, just like hundreds of people were already doing. Genius.

They started out the air show with sky divers. It was really cool to see as each diver leapt out of the airplane. One diver unfurled the POW/MIA flag while another held the American flag as the National anthem was played. 

Have you ever seen a trick helicopter? Neither had we. This one is flying upside if you can't tell. 

I loved getting to hang out with Chris all day. Special thanks to the US Navy for making sure each moment with my husband is precious and treasured. 

There were lots of stunt planes and helicopters but most of my pictures of those are tiny little dots or blurs. We also spent the day hanging out on our blanket, napping, eating food from the vendors and getting sunburnt. 

And then, the Blue Angels came out and all our attention was on them. 

Have you seen them fly? Do you love them as much as I do? Do anything cool this weekend?


  1. We were there too. I couldn't take any pictures though (bummed about that) because I had to plug Adalyn's precious little ears for her. The angels were awesome and the raptor was quite unbelievable!

  2. Always a favorite here!! Sweet memories. So glad you got to see and enjoy them, along with some other cool stuff too.

  3. I grew up just a few miles from the world's largest naval base: Norfolk. More specifically, the air station there. I have always been fascinated by jets... more specifically The Blue Angels. A kid I went to high school with turned out to be a pilot, and got close enough to one to get his picture. There is something about them that commands attentin and awe.

  4. Air shows are fun, and the Blue Angels are amazing!!! Okay, so I am reading this at 6:30 in the morning, with my cup of coffee in hand. I am drooling over that picture of delicious looking crepes, those look incredible!!! Glad you had a fun weekend with your guy!!!

  5. One of the things I miss most about not living in Annapolis is the Blue Angels show. As a kid I didn't know how privileged I was to see them annually! Those crepes look awesome!

  6. Those crepes look amazing! I've seen the Blue Angels a few times. My dad works in aviation so I've been to a ton of air shows (which are amazing) and I even visited Pensacola and saw them practicing. Good that you got to see them!

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  8. I love the Blue Angels! I'm from Pensacola, Fl and every year they fly along the beach for the weekend after July 4th. So many memories as a kid watching these amazing planes fly. Enjoyed finding your blog too:)

    Meaghan@ unexpectedgracemt.blogspot.com

  9. yes, we too love the blue angels show. it is a circus fam tradition. Scott always saves vacation time to take a half day and go to the academy with the kids and I. I love it!

    Glad you got a piece of back home this weekend and a wonderful day with your hubby. :-) We too had a great weekend... we baptized our youngest and also watched our 2 oldest play soccer games, had a date with my hubby, and spent time with my parents... then watched the Steelers win... perfect weekend all around. :-)

  10. What a great day!!! I've never had a crepe---those look delish. When I come visit we'll definitely hit it up! : )

  11. We just moved to Pensacola where the Blue Angels are based. They practice over our apartment, and they do meet-and-greets at the museum on base afterward. It's Wednesday morning now, so I think they'll be flying over soon, but I've still never watched (just heard - yikes!). They do a big Homecoming show here in November, and it's apparently a HUGE thing here.

    Glad you got to see them again!


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