Friday, September 24, 2010

NutMeg Doodles Giveaway Winner and some other stuff

First of all, to announce the winner of the NutMeg Doodles giveaway! The winner is "kp"!

Blogger kp said...

Love these! And we are already praying that your namesake does not follow in your footsteps when it comes to her veggies. Love you!

That's right, kp is my beloved sis-in-law and she's got three amazing little girls, the most recent addition being my namesake, Sofia Lindsay! Sofia is gonna look adorable in her tshirt from Nutmeg Doodles! :) Thanks to Megan for this cute giveaway!

Head over to Megan's shop and check out what else this girl's got to offer! 
Now for some things that made me happy this week. 

I made my first sale yesterday! This guy is headed to Texas today! You should have seen me doing the happy dance in my living room yesterday afternoon. 

Last Saturday, Chris and I had some buddies over to the house for "make-your-own pizza' night. Every one brought a favorite ingredient and we made a bunch of really amazing pizzas. Mmm, it was delicious. Oh, and we have pretty cool friends too. 

I love this guy. On Tuesday, I was expecting him home around 8pm. At 5:30pm, I got a call from him and at the same time, the doorbell rang. Frazzled, I told him to hold on while I got the door. And there he stood, smiling with a single rose, chocolate covered pretzels (my fave!) and a movie to watch. He knows surprises are the way into my heart. 

(Chris got this headband in Japan. He broke it out for our "at home" date night. I think he's really cute. It says "Take a test" apparently. Sarah, do you remember that crazy store we went into in Kamakura?)

Sometimes I have "Faux Fall" days. I close the curtains, light some yummy candles and bake. Or read. And on Wednesday, it was rainy all morning which is rare, so it was perfect for a faux fall day. Oh, I miss my seasons. 

What made you smile this week?


  1. Aw he sounds like a great guy :-) My boyfriend surprised me with a "bouquet of notebooks" from DWR last week and it totally made my day. Surprises are the way to my heart too!

  2. Yay for surprises! Kip told me last night that he secretly arranged babysitters for saturday night so we can have a date night - that made me smile! And that I got to decorate my house for fall this week. :)

  3. What a delicious post, Linds. Seriously. Thanks for all you shared! See you mid-week, girl! :)


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