Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My New Art Gallery / Frame Wall / Whatever You Wanna Call It

 This is what our frame wall looked like a few weeks ago. Yeah, the frames started falling down so there's a big hole there. And even though I loved the photos we had up of our travels, the frames were too dark and heavy. 

Heere's the new wall!

I really love the artwork by sarah and bendrix, but I just don't have the money to spend on their pretty paper hearts. So I created my own little version out of scrapbooking paper. 

The left side of the wall has a sketch I did of me and Chris back in college and a poem my little brother wrote for me on our wedding day. Under those is a "W" initial from our wedding that I repainted and covered with scrapbook paper and a little remnant of Garden Trellis fabric from a pillow I bought on Etsy. 

This photo of my grandparents when they were young is so special to me. I like that I'll be able to see it everyday as I pass by. 

The square shadowbox frame is filled with slips of paper. When we were 100 days away from our wedding (and for Valentine's Day), I wrote Chris 100 reasons why I love him and put them in a jar for him to read one slip per day. I just stuffed a few of those paper slips into the shadowbox randomly. I like how all the colors look together jumbled together in there. 

Sorry for the glare in this picture. I finished up just at sunset and the light wasn't ideal. So, on this side I framed a photo from Chris' semester in Fiji (at the top). I also made a little chevron pattern from some gray and citron scrapbook paper. I'll probably change that out eventually but it's a fun place holder in the mean time. Under the chevron pattern is a page out of my old passport. It's my student visa from my semester in Spain.

In the middle of the collage is a pair of photo booth strips from our friends' wedding last year. Love these photos of the two of us! 

And finally, a newspaper clipping from the day we got married. Our photo was taken at Chris' commissioning the day before and showed up in the paper the next day. 

Eh, I might take better pictures in the morning. Or not. **Edited with a few [slightly] better pictures. This is just a weird spot in the house to photograph. Shadows galore.**

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  1. nice work! love the W letter! now I really want some Ikea frames... we really need an Ikea!! :(

  2. I just saw the heart artwork yesterday and had the same thought about just doing it myself. Yours turned out great! I love the white frames - they look nice and crisp.

  3. Love the change, fits in perfect with the slip cover and wave pic. I really like the variety of whats framed, like Adam's poem, not just pics.

  4. It's amazing the difference switching out the frames makes. It looks so good, so bright and cheery and seems like it suits your style much better!

  5. love the white frames! The look very nice and I love the sentimental things in each one. Great job!

  6. It looks lovely, L! I am really digging the white makeover and that not all of them are photos. They seem really special. : )

  7. I love it...especially the W...I may have to steal that idea. I'm also loving the picture of your grandparents, and I can think of exactly the picture I want my grandmother to give me. The new frames look bright and cheery!

  8. It looks fantastic lady! I love the little hearts and the W and the photo strips. Oh goodness!

  9. This is really beautiful!

    I've been really down lately about having to sell my house, but one thing that I focus on as a positive is getting to make a new one my own. I'm bookmarking this for future inspiration.

    Thank you!! :)

    -Kate @


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