Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let There Be [A New} Light!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on the living room post yesterday. You guys are awesome. 

Ok, so the light fixture in our dining room was uuuugly. Here's a visual. Yuck. A mi, no me gusta, is all I've got to say. [Yeah, I was a Spanish major.]

I bought the FILLSTA light fixture from IKEA last month and the plan was to just remove the old fixture and use the light kit we bought to hang the new one. That way, we could just plug it into the wall and Chris wouldn't have to do any wiring. 

But it turned out to be easier than we thought, so he just went ahead and wired it into the ceiling. Mind you, this boy hasn't really done any electrical work in his life so he was just winging it. I was impressed. :)

Here are some "during" shots. 

Make sure you turn the 'lectricity off at the circuit breaker before digging up in those wires. Otherwise, it could be bad news bears. 

[Go ahead and laugh at my falling down 'wallpaper' panel. UGH]

Chris did all of this and I didn't get in there to take step by step pictures...sorry. Apparently, it's easy to figure out though. 

Putting it together, piece by piece. Did I mention I looove my husband??

Ta da!! 

Oh, what? You don't want to see my half finished projects in the background and junk all over the table?

Fine, I'll clean it up for you. 

Ta da!

Ah, much better. Okay, two things. 

One. I was standing on a chair in my pjs at 8 this morning trying to spray errant scrapbook papers into place for this photo. My hands now are incredibly sticky (even after scrubbing with a sponge and rubbing them in nail polish remover) and stinky (I think I'm getting high just being in the same room as my hands). Conclusion: I hate spray adhesive. 

Two. I can't decide about that baker's rack. We got it for free from an abandoned house (we DIDN'T steal it!) and I fixed it up but I'm toying with selling it on craiglist. Do you think it looks weird in there on the same wall with that panel? Maybe if I turned it so it's not in the corner and just on the window wall? 

Alright, I'm off the paint, paint, paint! Aisle to Aloha Studio is opening next weeeeeek!! Oh, quick question-- what color combos would you love to see in a funky painting for your house? I've got a bunch of fun ones but always looking for new ideas. 


  1. I like the idea of putting the baker's rack on one wall. It's funny, I was just asking myself, "Where did they get that baker's rack? I've been looking for one..." Maybe I'll check our local abandoned houses.

    As for the colors... I loved your bird painting with the mustard yellow and gray. I love aqua and green together. I like gray-blue with some other neutral tone.

  2. I'd totally spray paint that bakers rack and maybe switch the drawer pulls! It would probably look completely different then! You could add some funky colored baskets or style it differently and it will look brand new then in the space! Awesome job with the lamp!

  3. I agree with Ashley- if you don't know how you feel about it, paint it and see if you can bring a new life out in it. If you still don't love it, then you can send it to me. I've been looking for one for when we move!

  4. Love the new light and your husband's handiness. Not a huge fan of the backer's rack but maybe some paint would cheer it up?

  5. I say definitely try to paint the baker's rack before you get rid of it. It's a useful piece and could end up super pretty!

    I love the aqua and red together; teal and yellow and brown; green and white and grey. Can't wait to see your shop :)

  6. "Mind you, this boy hasn't really done any electrical work in his life so he was just winging it."

    I got A's in Electrical Engineering 1 and 2 and I rewired everything in my sailboat including creating a lighting system with 15 LEDs attached to a car battery inside the cabin. I guess I just don't talk about that much. :)

  7. The baker's rack doesn't have the same vibe going as the rest of the room. I'd say redo it, repurpose it somewhere else, or get rid of it.


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