Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jewel Tones and Moo Cards

I finished two more paintings yesterday. The first one is a "companion painting" (I totally made that up... but you know what I mean...) to my other palm branch painting. This one has a bright white background and turquoise branch. 16x20 canvas, peeps. 

This next one is on a 9x12 canvas. I'm loving working with these rich jewel tones. Actually, I ran out of my beautiful blue turquoise paint already so I have to order some more. I've tried mixing it but can never get it as good as this particular hue. 

I think this peacock feather looks a little quirky and a bit alien-esque but I really like it. This guy's on a pale gray background. 

Gonna list them later today. Don't you feel special that I show them to you before I put them on Etsy? That's cuz you are special. :) *Cue warm fuzzies and floaty hearts from me to you*

OH! And I also got in my super dee duper awesome business cards from the other day. Wanna see? 

I'm gonna show you 180 different shots of them because I love them so much and because I can. And cuz you guys told me yesterday that you love everything that I do. :)

One side has a picture of my artwork and the other has a picture (that I took and think is really rad) of a paintbrush and my 411 (that means info).

I think it's bad to love your own business cards this much. They exist to be given away, but I just want to keep them to myself. 

Along the same line, I feel the same way about my art. I go into my studio and look at my paintings and feel really joyful. And I'm really looking forward to my first sale, but I think it's going to be hard at first to let them go. Especially this first batch, cuz they are really special to me. 



  1. AMAZING!! I want one of your business cards! So artsy, why am I not surprised! :) Awesome new paintings by the way, loving the new palm!

  2. I was going to order stationary through moo a while back! I love the site. Your business cards look absolutely amazing! Good job with the new painting.

  3. Linds....I love all your work, but I really love, love, love the peacock. Your business cards are fantastic...can I have one of each?
    Love you!!!

  4. love the card! I too made a business card recently for my photography and I understand loving your own card:) hehe

  5. Love the new paintings! fresh and happy!

  6. Your cards (and your artwork!) look great. Really creative!

  7. your art and business cards are very creative! i really like all of your paintings in your etsy shop. I was wondering if you would ever take requests to paint specific images for us to purchase?

  8. So proud of you! Way to promote yourself!! I love it! And you're right that's a super rad picture on the bus. card!

    Also mentioned you & z blog over on my blog.

  9. O my gosh Linds! I love love love your business cards! They are amAzing...just like you! <3 you!

  10. They are gorgeous!!! I got mine from moo yesterday and I love them so much I can't bare to give them away!

  11. They are gorgeous!!! I got mine from moo yesterday and I love them so much I can't bare to give them away!


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