Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspire Me Monday: Spirals (& My Fan Page!)

 I've always wanted a spiral staircase in my house. When I was a kid, one of my best friends had one in her house and I thought it was so cool. I still think they're really cool. Not sure how practical they are, but I don't really care. I'd love to have one that leads up to a reading nook with huge comfy floor pillows strewn about and stacks of books waiting to be poured through. That would be suh-weeeet.

Anyone else have a burning desire for a spiral staircase in their home? Any other "gotta-have-its" for your dream home? 

And in other news... I started a Facebook Fan Page for Aisle to Aloha Studio! Do you 'like' me? Become a fan of Aisle to Aloha Studio on Facebook and get sneak-peeks on my art work, discounts and other promotions. Plus, you'll be helping promote my new shop and I'll love you forever for it. 

 Sources: 1 and 2-Tart House Blog, 3-unknown. Anyone know where this image is from?



  1. My "gotta-have" has nothing to do with decor. I wish it did! If I ever have a 2 story house....I want a color coded laundry chute. Boring, I know. Wish you would send some artistic genes statside!! Love you.

  2. Those images are so quirky and fun! Not practical, but that's why it's a dream! : )

  3. I dream of a fire place and a big porch. A must have if we ever move is to have our living area be on ground level instead of our living area being on the second story.


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