Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Ask, You Answer (please).

Ok, so I have some questions for you, my readers. As you can see over on my lil' sidebar here, we're almost at 100 followers! And next week, Aisle to Aloha hits 200 posts! (Which is grrreat for you, because there's going to be a really good giveaway and I think you might like the prize!) 

I want to know how I can improve this blog. I started out like a lot of bloggers out there, writing for friends and family back home as Chris and I headed out to the Pacific to live on this little island. And it's turned into this fantastic little community. I love interacting with you guys and I am so thankful for your supportive comments and kind words. (Got two super nice emails from two readers yesterday--mahalo!)

So help me out, if ya will. Answer me these questions. 

What do you love to read about on Aisle to Aloha? Do you like Inspire Me Mondays? Do you like my random musings on [here and there]? How do you feel about my DIY projects and my artwork posts? 

If you could pick a favorite post, which would it be and why? 

What would you like to see more of? A guest post from Chris? Featured Etsy sellers? More art stuff?

What do you prefer not to read about here? Is there something that bores you or makes you click to the next blog? How can I improve my content?

Also, as you know, we have put the lime green couch on the sidelines for now. And so, I need a new tagline. I need something a little quirky, catchy, succinct. Got any ideas? (It doesn't have to be about a white couch... in fact, I prefer it not be!) 

I'd love to hear from each one of you who stops by today. If you've never commented before, jump on in. Feel free to comment anonymously if you want to speak freely, but remember to be kind. :)


  1. The things I like about your blog, great pictures showing your content of the post, your posts are never to long so I always have to time to read them, and I love how you show your personality in the posts. Your before and afters are fun, and of course love to see your artwork.

    A guest post from Chris would be fun, and keep up the random musings!!

    Don't have a catchy tagline, but if I think of one, will let you know! Congratulations on your almost 100 followers and your 200th post!!!

  2. I'd say the thing that drew me to your blog was the great pics, and the DIY projects!! I love seeing normal people accomplish awesome things. It's very inspiring! You are crafty. It's fun to see the stuff you make!

  3. Love love love the inspire me's always a great way for me to start the week. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing!

  4. I really like your DIY posts. Step by step instructions are great in case I actually do a project someday. lol and i love the before and after pics of your projects like the yellow bench and the most recent bench. I would like it if you posted more links to other blogs that are similar to yours. I really enjoy reading! keep it up :-)

  5. Hey girl! Congrats! I can't really remember how we became buddies but I'm glad we did! I love all of your posts because I ♥ your personality!

    You are so happy and endearing and that is what brings me back everyday!

  6. I love the DIY and Inspire-Me-Mondays!

  7. I love everything and I really don't think I could pick a favorite, but I do enjoy reading about all of your DIY and random thoughts, it's so you! Your such a talented woman and anything you blog..well...i'm going to read! I love how you can write like your actually sitting in my living room having a conversation with me! I find myself, more often than not, laughing out loud at your quirky little comments! Keep it up Lindsay, there are nothing but super wonderful things ahead of you!

  8. Everyone in our family knows, I am not exactly one for creativity or decorating. Linds, you must have taken all those genetics and hoarded them:) I love seeing your art work. But my favorite thing about your blog is that you write exactly how you speak. Your sarcasm comes through your writing....and its wonderful to be able to hear your voice in my head as I am reading what you say....Miss you tons!!



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